The milktea training by Top Creamery Food Manufacturing Corp is not only the best choice business training program in the Philippines in terms of learning, but we also offer lifetime support for all our students. 

Milk Tea Business Training

Milktea Training

Top Creamery provides top-notch milk tea business training for beginners and those with basic skills in preparing the beverage for as low as P2,500 per person. The company gives you the best skills and knowledge you need in starting [and growing] your milk tea business and makes you more confident as an entrepreneur.

We also offer one-on-one training designed for those who want to start their cafe or an existing shop with superb personalized recipes. For P10,000, you can save time and money on ingredients for doing Research & Development. We surely can provide you with the best tasting beverage for your dream cafe.

Top Creamery is a leader when it comes to milk tea business training. The company is equipped with high-quality equipment and premium ingredients that are available in its cozy kitchen. Getting training through the company will give you a first-hand experience using premium flavors, top-quality machines, and utensils!

Additionally, our baristas and training personnel are highly skilled when it comes to beverage preparation. Their credentials include the preparation of the menu of the best-known beverage shop and hotels in the country, among others, and you will get to know their secret menu during the training. Further, they can accommodate your request to have your menu created on the spot!

Money-back guarantee training program- Top Creamery commits to the assurance of our training program. We will give a full refund of the training fee once you attend our training and find unsatisfied with the said activity.

The training activity includes:

  1. Theoretical discussions about the milktea business.
  2. Brewing and blending of tea leaves. Specialty preparations for your authentic and unique recipes.
  3. Creation of signature recipes and authentic tastes.
  4. Preparation of tapioca pearls similar to famous brand’s perfect chewiness and flavor of pearls.
  5. Walling, messy cup, milk-foam applications identical to the favorite milk tea shops.
  6. Blending and tweaking of milk teas & fruiteas.
  7. Yogurt-based drinks or Yogurt Series. Similar taste to Yakult.
  8. Soda base, commonly called Italian Sodas.
  9. Hot coffee concoctions using Aeropress, french press & Moka pot.
  10. Iced coffee concoctions- (Iced latte, mocha latte, flavored iced lattes, & signature drinks)
  11. Iced-blended concoctions- (frappes & Ice blended drinks)

The training schedule is Every First Thursday and Last Thursday of the Month at 8 am-12 pm.

Top Creamery produced lots of successful café owners. The company also helped many partner-entrepreneurs to survive during the height of the pandemic by applying innovative marketing processes and strategies in dealing with the changing market — the company is in its continuing effort to provide the necessary skillset and training needed for those who wish to have their own milk tea business.

Join our 10,000+ happy milk tea business owners by availing of our complete training! Sign up today and reserve your slot!

Actual Training

milktea training

What You Will Get

  • Detailed Information About Milk Tea/Beverage Industry
  • Trained by Highly Skilled Barista/Beverage Expert
  • Access to High Quality and Premium Ingredients
  • Hands-on Beverage Preparation and Strategies
  • Pricing and Costing Analysis
  • Maximized Training Time
  • Prepared Menu and On The Spot Menu/ Menu Innovation
  • Question and Answer Portion
  • Post-Training Accommodation/ Support
  • Marketing Strategies and Digital Marketing Tips
  • And Lot More Perks!

We Have 99% Positive Feedback From Over 10,000 Trainees

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today and we will make your inquiry our priority!