"Quality Is Our Priority"

Top Creamery Food Manufacturing Corporation is a manufacturing company that provides you business high quality food and beverage ingredients such as milk tea/boba tea supplies, soft serve ice cream pre-mixes, shakes, slush, fried ice cream, gelato, and more!

We also produced essential products that are necessary in the ice cream and café businesses, such as syrups, fudges, dips. Also, we customize powdered mixes based on the consumers’ preference as regards to the flavor. In fact, we create what the client needs in his or her business.

We, with our reliable Research and Development Team, have proven and always are confident in selecting raw materials, processing, and producing the flavors the market demands at the most effective cost possible. Check out our products here.

Our Brand is TOP for Its Creaminess, Consistency and Continuing Innovation. Our Commitment  to Our Clients is Excellent.


Top Creamery has its humble beginning when the founders, husband and wife Mr. and Mrs. Borres, started their own formulation and processing of soft serve ice cream premix powders. With Mrs. Borres’ intensive experience in the food and beverage business, and her innate skillset when it comes to identifying food specifics merely by tasting it, these premixes easily gained attention from among their relatives and friends.

The couple-founders have been using these premix powders in their then soft serve ice cream business where they received lots of positive feedback from its customers. And so, the success of their formulated products was inevitable.

Top Creamery Food Manufacturing Corporation was established with one main goal of helping small entrepreneur to find their own success in food and beverage business. Initially, Top Creamery became the manufacturer-supplier of premix powders to a small clientele. Within a short period of time, this list of clients grew exponentially now with the company having partner-distributors all over the country. Clearly, the goal to help small businesses has now become a reality for Top Creamery.

Relative to these events is to supply the growing demand. The old office in Better Living, Paranaque, Metro Manila is now transferred to a bigger manufacturing and warehousing facility in its current address in Las Pinas, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The success of Top Creamery is attributed to its core commitment, that is embedded in this line: “Quality Is Our Priority”.  The production the company has been conducting is very meticulous – from raw materials selection to post-production inspection. Raw ingredients are imported from countries that are well known to produce high quality and premium beverage products, such as Italy, US, Japan, Poland, and Germany. The ingredients are carefully tested and chosen in order to maintain the international standard when it comes to food and beverage products.

With the right goal and the standard set by Top Creamery, the company is consistently achieving its important objectives: (1) to produce high quality food/beverage ingredients with international standards but at a cost-effective capital and (2) help every entrepreneur to craft their own success story. Top Creamery continuously provides complete business solutions including food and beverage business overview, milk tea/soft serve ice cream/frappe training, online short courses related to food business, mentorship that comprise marketing, costing, business set up, management, among others, necessary in these changing times brought by the pandemic while providing high quality ingredients.

Top Creamery is a top brand when it comes to ice cream premix powders and milk tea supplies, catering to popular shops and cafes in the country and is a household name among small business owners. For the past years, the company was able to assist thousands of entrepreneurs to succeed in their soft serve ice cream and milk tea business ventures.


We aim to be the country’s top leader in the field of premixes through specialization and innovation of exciting flavors that can keep up with the evolving trends. We want to become the world’s most reliable and innovative manufacturing company offering globally competitive premixes that will guarantee customer satisfaction and sustain strong business partnerships in the industry.


Our mission is to bridge business opportunities to both aspiring entrepreneurs and business practitioners, by providing superior quality  premixes for ice cream, refreshments and desserts at economical cost. We take pride in manufacturing products of high standards yet affordable to ensure profit maximization and success of every emerging food and beverages business.

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Reliability and Dependability

We are committed to provide excellent customer service to our clients as we cater to their various requests and accommodate flavor preferences.

Consistency and Efficiency

We ensure high quality of our products and services while maintaining its affordability so that we can also help our business partners succeed.

Innovation and Creativity

We strive to further enhance our products through research and continue to develop new and refreshing flavors that will suit the taste of our diverse target markets.

Passion and Excellence

We demonstrate uniqueness in each and every product we develop because we want to exceed customer expectations and prioritize customer satisfaction at all times.


Ice cream will never go out of style especially in the Philippines, a tropical country. Join us as we expand and make our products the best quality you can get only in the Philippines.