Top Creamery is composed of skilled and knowledgeable Research and Development Team responsible for the perfectly flavored beverage powders we produce. With this, we accommodated the request of the clients for us to create their signature flavors and own product label. Our success in producing high quality, premium yet cost-efficient products is a guarantee that we are able to provide what our client needs.

In order to avail our custom flavor and product label, we will require the following:

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 320kgs per flavor;
  • Taste specification and product details of your custom flavored syrup or powder;
  • Product label logo and color scheme, for custom packaging/branding;
  • Valid business permit; and
  • Target market and business path (optional but will help us to assess better of your needs).

Why You Need a Custom Flavor and Own Product Label

Having a “secret” ingredient is a big factor for the success of most food and beverage businesses in the Philippines and abroad. With Top Creamery RnD Team, we are confident that we will produce this “secret” formulation for you – based on your taste preference, specifications, business design, branding, and target market.

Additionally, having your own flavor and product label favors business success by having loyal customers, signature drinks, strong brand presence, and less competition. We also guarantee that your purchased custom products will not be disclosed, and will remain exclusive for your own use.

Who Needs a Custom Flavor and Own Product Label

Most of our clients who request for custom products are mid-high end café, franchising companies, cloud kitchen/virtual kitchen, among others. So, if you intend to create your own brand or wanted to start your own franchising company or wanted to sell to the high end market or plans to start a cloud kitchen at your home, then this product of ours is the best fit for your venture.

If you need further details,  you may contact us here. You may also set a business meeting with us through Zoom / Skype / Google Hangout or fill up the form below for our Sales to communicate with you directly.

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