We know what you’re thinking – still-cold ice cream deeply fried in a warm oil. But it’s not. Top Creamery joins with the idea of making premium premix suitable for fried ice cream, without even “frying” it. Most people is curious what does the name really imply, fried ice cream (also called as rolled ice cream) is a delicious frozen dessert commonly mixed or topped with fresh fruits and chocolate bits, green tea, red beans, etc.

Why You Should Try It
In Top Creamery, we’ve been formulating premixes for all kinds of ice cream, of varied flavors to choose from. We made every premix, including fried ice cream, at affordable price without sacrificing it’s quality.

The special formulation of our ready-to-mix premium fried ice cream premix makes more for your business, reducing the time of it’s preparation, thus catering more of your avid customers. Consequently, helping your refreshment business to grow with competitive quality in every serving.

Deliciously Rich, Profit Guaranteed

Bringing you the high-quality premixes as our top priority, our fried ice cream powder premix comes with varied delicious flavors.  Treat your business, as well as your frozen cravings in unique and subtle way, with fruity Bubble GumMangoMelon, and Strawberry.  Add more excitement with chocolatey treat of Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.  The sweet taste of Ube and Vanilla would be perfect, too.

How to Make Mango Float

Roll The Non-Fry

First of all, mix TOP CREAMERY’s FRIED ICE CREAM POWDER well on a blender. Next, pour the mixture into pre-cooled metal pan. Use two metal spatulas to mix and stir the mixture as it freezes and solidifies. Furthermore, add, and mix and grind desired toppings like nuts, chocolate chips, and fruits to increase the texture of the ice cream. After 40-50 seconds, scrap and roll on the pan. Finally, pile for scooping or smoothed flat for scraping into curls. Serve in cups and top with syrups or any desired confectioneries.