Served either over ice (i.e.; iced chocolate, iced mocha, iced coffee) or serve as frappe, smoothies and other refreshments, Ice Blended Drinks offers versatility in terms of preparation, and product presentation. It would be a perfect solution to restaurants, convenience stores, and coffee shops serving either hot or cold drinks. Additionally, milk tea shop, ice cream shop (sells chocolate or coffee floats), dessert station, cafeteria, hotel and other food businesses, can make use of it for more quality treat for their valued customers.

3 Ways to make Ice blended Drinks

All-season, Premium Drinks

Aside from usual serving in cold,  Ice Blended Drinks can also be used for smoothies, premium shake or frappe.  Add frappe base or vanilla shake base to iced serving for smoother and milkier taste. No need to add fresh milk. TOP CREAMERY Ice Blended Drinks’ flexibility in terms with how, and when it is served, is very ideal for all food establishments struggling with sudden change of day-to-day weather.

Not a fan of restaurants, or crowded coffee establishments? Or you just feel to be at home? We still got you. Because of its easy preparation, our premixes can be prepared all by yourself! Ice Blended Drinks premix is ideal for home consumption. The indulging balanced taste of chocolate and milk of Chocolate flavor would be an instant favorite of kids.  Coffee lover wouldn’t miss the premium treat with Mocha flavor.  If you need more chocolatey experience, Hershey’s® flavor saves the day.  All best serve when chilled on summer or even prepare it as hot drinks on cold days, or whichever you prefer regardless of the season.