Shake, Frappe & Smoothies always come hand by hand, and most unlikely to be apart way from each other.  These frozen delights are known for mixing and blending fruits and milk with crushed ice and water.  Nevertheless, their unique composition makes them different from each other.  Shakes, also known as milkshakes, takes the stage of easily prepared frozen treat available even along sidewalks.  Milk, ice, flavorings, and sweetener, or ice cream make a good cold, sweet milkshake.  Smoothies, on the other hand, is made up of fruits and berries blended with crushed ice, yogurt, juices, etc.  Frappe, among the three, is a dessert drink usually served like coffee.

How to make Fruity Shakes

Not Just for Coffee Shops

It’s for everyone! Regardless of your age, whether you’re working or still a student, or just a simple person looking for something to chill out, shake, smoothies, and frappe love anybody.  You have the right to experience a frozen treat, and ideal for your business, even it is small!
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