A semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, ice, and flavorings, slush (or granita, colloquially called as slushy), varies from smoother to coarser texture depending on freezing technique being used. It has a unique, more crystalline texture – very different from ice cream, which is creamier. This make slush distinct and very unique among all refreshment products.

Like The Flash

Slush beverage, commonly called as slush, slushy, granita or slurpee beverage falls perfectly into fast-phase refreshment businesses.  Just mix it, put in a slush dispenser, and serve.  Very ideal for convenience stores, restaurants, food hubs, and food parks.

Upgrade Your Slush With TOP CREAMERY

What makes our slush premix different from the others? It’s the quality. TOP CREAMERY Slush powder is perfect for serving excellent beverage in the slush maker. One simple serving will surely satisfy every single customer. Upgrade your slushy experience with on-the-top quality slush premix made from carefully selected raw materials and frozen dried fruits. The cost-effective quality you enjoy from other high quality premixes of TOP CREAMERY is in slush powders too, and will surely deliver a good profit for your business. It comes with varied flavors so that your customers can choose flavorful enjoyment of your refreshing drink.