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All of a sudden, a lot of people have just became gaga into drinking milk tea. In the past, people from some countries in Southeast Asia were only accustomed to drinking coffee, soda, juice ice teas and hot tea – a very American practice to say the least. But just a few years ago, different types of milk tea brands have been introduced and a lot of businessmen have become interested in investing on them, causing the milk tea madness in Southeast Asia.  If you have plans of traveling to Southeast Asia in search of the best milk tea brand you can find, you may find it here in TOP CREAMERY.

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  • Cappucino Drink Powder

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  • Caramel Macchiato Drink Powder

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  • Chocolate Drink

    Chocolate Drink Powder

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  • Chocolate Syrup

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  • Coffee Latte Drink Powder

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  • matcha shake

    Matcha Green Tea Shake

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