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Top Series Cheesecake Powder

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Cheesecake Powder Flavor by Top Creamery is made of pure quality raw European materials that perfectly blend nicely with your beverage, like cheesecake milk tea. This cheesecake flavor is the secret ingredient for popular milktea shops in the Philippines, Taiwan, and abroad. Cheesecake delivers an extra premium milky taste to your beverage.

Aside from an additional creamy milk taste, this product also boosts the flavor of your bubble tea, delivering a unique and premium taste. Popular bubble tea brands add this ingredient in all their milktea recipes; aside from the taste-boosting effect, it also reduces the need for a high amount of milk/nondairy creamer needed for their bubble tea recipes, thus also reducing its product cost. This flavor is also popular as a cup walling design when mixed with cream puff powder.

Regarding the cost, this Cheesecake Powdered Flavor brand is the choice of multiple franchise companies. The production cost relative to the manufacturing process is noticeably lower. Top Creamery maintains its product quality by importing the highest grade of raw materials from well-known origin Countries. This Cheesecake Powdered Flavor can be served to middle and high-end customers for hot and cold applications.

Taste Improver

Add this powder to your flavor drinks and see how awesome your beverage taste is.

Cheesecake Powdered Flavor

Product Details

Net Weight — 1kg
Shelf Life —  One (1) Year, if it remains unopen; six (6) months after opening the container
Storage Condition — Store under a cold temperature

The perfect base for your milktea in addition to your Non-Dary Creamer!

Why Order Our Cheesecake Powdered Flavor?

 TOP Quality / Best In The Market — to bring our customers the best milk tea sinkers in Asia, our products are carefully selected and tested from reputable suppliers by our Research and Development Team; and

 Cost-Effective — quality and cost efficiency are ingredients of our business. Hence, we offer the best milk tea supplies in the market to help you grow your business.

Number One Taste Improver — widely used taste improver for milktea recipes, most milktea shop that uses this product as their base keeps this product as their secret ingredient. This product is needed for you to create the best cheesecake milk tea.

How To Prepare Cheesecake Cup Walling

(1) Mix together 10grams of cream puff powder, 10grams of Cheesecake powder flavor, and 30ml of whipping cream.

(2) Apply as a cup walling for your drinks.

(3) This mixture can serve 5-8 servings. Store the mixture at a chilled temperature.

How To use Cheesecake Powdered Flavor as a taste improver

(1) For Milktea: Replace 50% of Top Creamer (Non-Dairy Creamer) in your recipe, if you are using 3 scoops of creamer for a 16oz recipe. You may use 1.5 scoop (15grams) of Top Creamery and 1.5scoop (15grams) of Cheesecake Powdered Flavor. You may also reduce the amount of powder flavor or flavored syrup you add to your standard recipe to reduce the sweetness of your final drink.

(2) For Frappe: Add 1-2 scoops (10-20grams) of Cheesecake powdered flavor for every serving of your milk-based frappe. You may also reduce the sweetener, powdered flavor, flavored syrup, or fruit jams to adjust the sweetness depending on your taste preference for your drink.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheesecake Powder Flavor (FAQs)

Where to use Cheesecake Powdered Flavor?

It can be a tasty flavor for your shakes, frappe, fruit tea, and milk tea drinks!

How is your product different from others in the market?

We pride our milk tea products on being the best in the market today — with ingredients sourced from Europe, our Research and Development Team ensures that we can import high-quality raw ingredients and produce the taste every milk tea store owner and milk tea patron would love.

We also support locals as we source our sugar ingredients from the fresh produce of selected farms in the country. In effect, we reduce the cost of our finished products by reducing taxes, labor, and transportation costs. These are all calculated for our company to attain one of our missions: to help grow your business.

I’m interested in buying your product. Would it be possible to ask for a free sample of this product?

For now, we do not provide a free sample of this product. However, we would love to conduct a demo on preparing this product and get a free taste of it. Also, you may want to arrange for a purchase of this product for your tasting.

Can I order online? If so, how many days will I receive my order?

Yes, you can order/ contact us directly via Facebook or through this website.
Regarding the shipping and delivery, it differs: customers within Metro Manila usually receive their order within five (5) business days, provided that they reach the minimum amount of purchase. Please check our Shipping and Delivery Policy for further details.

For further inquiries, please visit our FAQs page here.

If you need assistance from our main office, please do not hesitate to call us at 02-2415040 or email us directly at support@topcreamery.com, and we will make your inquires our priority.

For feedback or comments about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your opinion matters to us.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

18 reviews for Top Series Cheesecake Powder

  1. Gidgett Casabuena   (verified buyer)

    I’ve tried different brand of cheesecake and at last I found TOP CREAMERY brand that fits my preference.💗

  2. Danny Fuentes   (verified buyer)

    Order received completely! Packaging is okay kc nakabubble wrap cia. Too much excited so I try it. And the taste is so yummy. We’ll order again.

  3. Knoll Rosario   (verified buyer)

    Natutuwa lage ang mga customer ko kapag , umoorder sila ng CheeseCake , Kase daw lasang lasa ung Flavor , kaya binabalik balikan nila. The Best talaga ang Top Creamery

  4. Justin R.   (verified buyer)

    Medyo Disappointed, Sana po ma improve nyo pa po yung Lasa nya, like po yung mga nabibili sa Milktea Shops

  5. Nick Pilapil   (verified buyer)

    Love it, cheezing cheezy para sa mga cheesecake lovers dha unsa pa inyo gipaabot order na pwede pang negosyo ug pang consumed as pangmeryenda sa atong mga junakissssss

  6. JP Santos   (verified buyer)

    Best seller flavor💯💯💯

  7. Pablo Capili   (verified buyer)

    Everything is perfect. Better than any other brand.

  8. Shaila Pamintuan   (verified buyer)

    Even kids loved this. This is so good especially when combined with other flavored powders.

  9. JP Santos   (verified buyer)

    Favorites ng mga kids to , lage ubos ang paninda ko pag ito ang Binebenta ko Thank you Top Creamery ☺️☺️

  10. Richard D Villanueva   (verified buyer)

    Cheese cake masarap sa sa milktea lalo na mix mu sa cream puff pang walling sa baso at topings

  11. Severino A.   (verified buyer)

    Napakasarap po ng drinks nato ito po ang isa sa favorite ko at nagustuhan din po ng family ko salamat po topcreamery

  12. Paulo R.   (verified buyer)

    I reccomend CheeseCake of Top Creamery Subok na ng aming pamilya.

  13. Ginger Hernandez-Fabella   (verified buyer)

    Good for coffee and frappe.

  14. Mariel V.   (verified buyer)

    My favourite flavour 😍😍😍

  15. Mhy Bobier   (verified buyer)

    sa mga cheesecake lovers dyan, this one is a must try! pwede mo ring gamiting sa milktea cup walling.

  16. Khingz S.   (verified buyer)

    The one of my favorite flavor…

  17. Gia Mirabueno   (verified buyer)

    Very highly recommended dahil kahit iced cold water lng sobrang sarap❤️kaya big heart ka sakin.

  18. Joan Malanum   (verified buyer)

    Isa ito sa pinaka favorite ko. Malalasahan mo yung real flavor ng cheese cake…

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