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  • Comprital BabyBlue Classical Paste TOP Creamery
  • Comprital BabyBlue Classical Paste TOP Creamery
  • Comprital BabyBlue Classical Paste TOP Creamery

Comprital BabyBlue Classical Paste



The Comprital BabyBlue Classical Paste is a unique and eye-catching addition to any ice cream menu. In addition to grabbing attention, this paste adds a playful touch to any dish with its vibrant blue color. The paste is based on natural ingredients and is free of artificial colors and gluten.

There is a hint of blueberry in the BabyBlue Classical Paste which imparts a fruity and refreshing taste to the paste. As a result, it is easy to work with and is perfect for ice cream, gelato, and other frozen desserts. It has a sweet and fruity aroma to tantalize the senses. The paste is an excellent choice for any ice cream shop or business looking to add a playful twist to their frozen dessert.

In addition to making playful ice cream, or sorbet, you may want to use the BabyBlue Classical Paste to create fun popsicles and milkshakes as well. Also, it can be used in making a variety of desserts such as cheesecake or tarts, as well as for making fun and playful cocktails such as a martini.

Ideal for businesses looking to differentiate themselves from their competition.

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Comprital BabyBlue:

Comprital Classical Paste Line

Our Classical Pastes are ideal for food, beverage, and dessert businesses seeking to elevate their offerings. Our pastes are enriched with noble and exclusive flavors that will offer your customers a more decadent and diverse experience.

The premium line of our paste flavors is formulated with a lot less vegetable fat and sugar, which makes them a healthier option for those who wish to indulge guilt-free. Furthermore, these pastes are free from coloring, ensuring that they are made up only of pure and natural ingredients.

Classical Pastes consist of various quality ingredients, such as cocoa butter, which imparts a moist and rich chocolate taste. They are also packed with noble products, such as hazelnuts and almonds, to provide a crunchy and satisfying crunch.

Several culinary, beverage and dessert applications are available for these pastes. They can be used as toppings for ice cream or gelato or filled with pastry for a tasty and unique twist. They may also be used to make chocolate sauces, coffee syrups, or a glaze for fish or meats.

We offer a variety of pastes that can be used for a variety of applications, such as glazing ice cream with our hazelnut paste, filling a chocolate croissant with our chocolate paste, or adding them to a coffee or latte at any time of day.

Take your culinary creations to the next level with our premium pastes. These pastes will elevate your menu offerings and provide your customers with an indulgent taste experience.