• Cookies & Cream powder

Cookies & Cream Powder Flavor (1kg)

Satisfy your milk-and-cookies kid inside you with Top Creamery’s Cookies & Cream Shake premium powder premix! This cookie dunked in delicious, creamy milk will surely add excitement to your frappe, smoothies, and milkshake businesses.




  • Milktea
  • Iced Drink
  • Frappe or Smoothies
  • Slush
  • Ice Candy

For milktea – 16oz  Dissolve completely  3scoops of Cookies & Cream Powder and 2scoops of Top Creamer in 200mL of hot brewed tea in a cocktail shaker.  Add ice and shake well. Serve. You may add Rocksalt & cheese on top and crushed oreo cookies on top of the drink.

For iced drinkDissolve completely 1/4 cup of Cookies & Cream Powder and 1/8 cup of Top Creamer in 120mL of hot water in a cocktail shaker.  Add ice and shake well.  Serve

For shake/frappe – 16oz  Dissolve completely 3scoops of Cookies & Cream Powder and 2scoops of Frappe base in 100ml of water or milk on a blender.  You can add more powder according to your taste preference.  Add 1 full cup of 16oz of crushed ice then mix completely on the blender. Add cookie bits.  You may add sago, tapioca pearl, coffee jelly, or nata de coco and whip cream on top or any desired toppings.

For slush – Dissolve 1kg of Cookies & Cream Powder in 5L of water. Pour on the slush machine tub.

For ice candy – Dissolve 1kg of TOP CREAMERY milky shake powder in 4-5 liters of water depending on your taste preference.  Repack on ice candy wrapper then freeze.  Refresh!

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