Gaggia Milano La Nera 2GR Espresso Machine


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Gaggia La Nera 2GR Espresso Machine embodies modernity in coffee machine design to meet current trends and fulfill the needs of today’s coffee culture. It delivers the unparalleled satisfaction that only the finest espresso can evoke.

Offered in both 1-group and 2-group compact solutions, La Nera provides baristas with compact dimensions and user-friendly operation, complemented by the meticulous choice of construction materials, predominantly stainless steel.

Furthermore, Gaggia La Nera 2GR Espresso Machine offers flexibility to baristas who prefer professional capsules and ESE paper pods, thanks to specific filter holder kits available upon request.

Technical Features:
• Copper boiler with independent heat exchanger for each group
• Electronic control of the boiler water level
• LED-illuminated working area
• LED-illuminated chrome pushbuttons for each group: 4 programmable direct selection buttons and 1 “Continuous” button
• Hot water outlet and steam wand with quarter-turn tap mechanism
• Distance between the cup tray and the coffee spout: 91 mm
• Remote control of both the machine performance and parameters via the SMARTIA platformRemote control of both the machine performance and parameters via the SMARTIA platform (the kit is available on request)
• Cup rails as an option for the 2 GROUPS COMPACT model
• Professional capsule filter holders (Caffitaly®, Espresso Point®, Hausbrandt®, Lavazza Blue® and Nespresso®) and specific filter for ESE paper pods as an option

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Gaggia Milano’s newest professional espresso machine, Gaggia La Nera 2GR Espresso Machine, offers the intense satisfaction that only premium espresso can provide. This modern machine caters to the latest trends and requirements of the coffee industry, showcasing features such as remote control of its functions and performance. Additionally, it provides compatibility with filter holder kits designed for professional capsules and ESE-certified paper pods.

• Width: 57 cm
• Depth: 53 cm
• Height: 42 cm
• Weight: 46 Kg
• Voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz
• Steam boiler power: 3200 W
• Steam boiler capacity: 8 Lt


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