• TOP Creamery - Guatemala Huehuetenango Special Grade Coffee Beans
  • TOP Creamery - Guatemala Huehuetenango Special Grade Coffee Beans

Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee Beans – Premium Grade


[ Premium Grade ]

The Guatemala Huehuetenango Premium Grade Coffee Beans are a wonderful delight for coffee connoisseurs. These 100% Arabica beans have been skillfully wet-processed and medium-roasted to perfection, resulting in a rich and well-balanced flavor profile.

The bright and zesty citrus flavours that dance on the tongue are one of the first things that catch the eye when eating these beans. These are followed by hints of sweet chocolate and a delicate undercurrent of muscovado, a type of unrefined brown sugar famed for its rich, molasses-like flavor.

The beans come from Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region, which is known for its high-altitude coffee fields and great growing circumstances. The beans grown in this region are noted for their distinct and varied flavor characteristics, and the Guatemala Huehuetenango Premium Grade beans are no exception.

These beans are best savored as a pour-over or French press, when the full spectrum of tastes can be tasted. They also give a bit of sweetness and complexity to any coffee lover’s morning cup of java. Overall, Guatemala Huehuetenango Premium Grade Coffee Beans are a must-try for any coffee connoisseur eager to sample the best Guatemalan coffee has to offer.

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Guatemala Huehuetenango Premium Grade

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