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Top Creamery provides top-notch milk tea business training available for both beginners and those with basic skills in preparing the beverage. The company gives you the best skills and knowledge you need to start [and growing] your milk tea business and make you more confident as an entrepreneur.

Top Creamery is a leader when it comes to milk tea business training. The company is equipped with high-quality equipment and premium ingredients that are available in its cozy kitchen. Getting training through the company will give you a first-hand experience using premium flavors, top-quality machines, and utensils!

Additionally, our baristas and training personnel are highly skilled when it comes to beverage preparation. Their credentials include preparing the menu of the best-known beverage shop and hotels in the country, among others, and you will get to know their secret menu during the training. Further, they can accommodate your request to have your own menu created on the spot!

Top Creamery produced lots of successful café owners. The company also helped many partner-entrepreneurs to survive during the height of the pandemic by applying innovative marketing processes and strategies in dealing with the changing market — the company is in its continuing effort to provide the necessary skillset and training needed for those who wish to have their own milk tea business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What topics are included in this Training?

We usually adjust the training strategies according to clients’ requests and business ideas. Some of the usual topics include; Discussion & history about the milk tea business, How to do the costing, Marketing strategies on how to be unique, preparation of different sinkers, preparation & blending of your preference on perfect tea leaves, making your authentic and unique beverage, creation of special recipes for your business.

Creation of special blends – The student can request our barista instructor to create signature recipes that we can share only with one specific student, thus giving you a special authentic taste for your shop.

Bonus Recipes – Frappe recipes are also created during the activity as per the student’s request and as time allows.

How long is the Training program?

The training activity takes 2-3hrs. Usually starts at 1 pm that ends at around 3-4 pm.

How is your training different from other companies?

We provide different training programs and inclusions in every class. We adjust our content depending on the customer’s ideas; in addition, as a manufacturing company, we can assist with the business ideas of every customers.

If you need further assistance from our Sales Support, please do not hesitate to call us at 09176578727 / (02) 8241-5040, and we will attend to your inquiry immediately.

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