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Pure Matcha Powder

(14 customer reviews)


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Pure Matcha Powder by Top Creamery is made from Japan. It has a full-flavored matcha taste lingering in your mouth that your clients will undoubtedly adore.

Our high-quality matcha powder is perfect for adding a rich, earthy flavor to your favorite pastries, foods, baking, and beverages. Our organic matcha is pure and concentrated and planted and harvested by traditional Japanese matcha experts. Small concentrations can deliver a great taste to your product, so you can add it without overdoing it.

Your customers will love the excellent benefits of consuming Matcha Green Tea regularly! It improves brain function, promotes weight loss, lowers cholesterol levels, and supports detoxification.

A quality matcha powder is more than just a way to add that morning energy boost. It offers a myriad of health benefits, from improving brain function and lowering cholesterol levels to aiding in weight loss. Brand: Top Creamery has been making the best matcha powder in the Philippines, and we’re proud to say that our products are 100% organic and GMO-free. We plant and harvest the most delicate grade matcha leaves in Japan, ensuring top quality and freshness every time you order. And because our matcha is so pure, we can offer small quantities at a great price – perfect for adding that extra punch to your product!

Top Creamery maintains its product quality by importing the highest grade of raw materials from well-known origin Countries. This Pure Matcha Powder can be served to middle and high-end customers both for hot and cold applications.

Pure Matcha Powder

Product Details for our Pure matcha powder

Net Weight — 200g
Shelf Life —  One (1) Year, if it remains unopen; six (6) months after opening the container
Storage Condition — Store under a room temperature

Why Order Our Pure Matcha Powder?

 Cost-Effective — quality and cost efficiency are ingredients of our business. Hence, we offer the best milk tea and coffee business supplies in the market to help you grow your business.

Authentic Japan Origin — the best quality of matcha powders in the world is from Japan; traditional matcha experts carefully scrutinize the quality of matcha powders they produce from farming, harvesting to processing.

Naturally produced — Our matcha leaves are organically farmed by the traditional family of matcha experts, naturally processed in a facility run by experts.

100% Pure Matcha powder — This matcha powder is purely natural and concentrated.

✔ Highest quality matcha powder in the market – Top CreameryPure is made with only the highest quality organic matcha powder from Japan.

  Farmed, Harvested, and processed with love and care – Top Creamery Pure is planted, harvested, and processed by traditional matcha experts to ensure the best possible product.
 Highly concentrated and intense –  Made with pure hand-picked natural tea leaves -perfect for those who want to quickly make a rich cup of tea with fewer applications.
   Directly imported from Japan for freshness and authenticity!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Pure Matcha Powder (FAQs)

Where to use Pure Matcha Powder?

These are more natural concentrated matcha flavors for your ice cream or any dessert or beverage such as bubble tea, frappes, and coffee, and are also for bread and pastries.

Can I purchase a bigger packaging for this product?

We offer bigger packaging for this product, other packaging sizes available are 500grms and 1kg per pack, MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity of a total of 5kgs), and lead time applies.

How is your product different from others in the market?

We pride our milk tea and coffee products on being the best in the market today in terms of cost and quality — with this product sourced from Japan, our Research and Development Team ensures that we can import high-quality raw ingredients and produce the taste every ice cream, milk tea, and coffee store owner patrons would love.

I’m interested in buying your product. Would it be possible to ask for a free sample of this product?

For now, we do not provide a free sample of this product. However, we would love to conduct a demo on how to prepare this product and get a free taste of it. Also, you may want to arrange for a purchase of this product for your own tasting.

Can I order online? If so, how many days will I receive my order?

Yes, you can order/ contact us directly via Facebook or through this website.
Regarding shipping and delivery, it differs: customers within Metro Manila usually receive their order within five (5) business days, provided that they reach the minimum purchase amount. Please check our Shipping and Delivery Policy for further details.

For further inquiries, please visit our FAQs page here.

If you need assistance from our main office, please do not hesitate to call us at 02-2415040 or email us directly at support@topcreamery.com, and we will make your inquiries our priority.

For feedback or comments about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your opinion matters to us.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg

14 reviews for Pure Matcha Powder

  1. Cristina N   (verified buyer)

    I have always wanted to try matcha tea and I finally decided to buy some from Pure Matcha. It was so delicious! The taste is strong and natural, with a rich umami flavor. I love that it only takes a small amount of this powder for each cup of tea. This product has a more authentic taste compared to other brands like Starbucks or Yogi Tea.

  2. Bea C   (verified buyer)

    This pure matcha is a great product and can compete with my other favorite brand (tsujiri). It has a natural sweetness, and the taste is wonderful. I love how fresh it tastes, too!

  3. Gabriel V   (verified buyer)

    I am not a big fan of matcha but we serve it ou our cafe, but I was trying to find an alternative for my morning coffee in our shop and this product did the trick. This is such a great-tasting pure matcha powder! It has the perfect umami and tea leaves taste to it. The flavor is very authentic, too. I especially like that it has no artificial taste in it because they are unhealthy to consume on a daily basis for me and our customers.

  4. Imelda M   (verified buyer)

    This is one of the best matcha powders I have ever tried aside from Tsujiri. It has a rich natural umami taste and it’s very strong. The flavor lasts for hours after drinking it, which makes you feel as if you’re still tasting your drink while you are actually eating or drinking something else. This powder tastes organic and can be used in many different ways, including making ice cream, baking desserts, and even drinks like smoothies!

  5. Julia G   (verified buyer)

    I love the taste of this pure matcha powder. It has a natural, full-bodied flavor that is not overpowering and it leaves your mouth feeling like you just had a cup of tea or an iced coffee with cream in the streets of Japan. Our customers really enjoy drinking the frappes made with this powder because they are so natural matcha taste, delicious and satisfying. The color is also natural and vibrant compared to other matcha products on the market today. Overall, I highly recommend this product to everyone who serves matcha iced coffees or teas in their cafe!

  6. Nathaniel G   (verified buyer)

    I love the taste of matcha tea. I also enjoy a variety of drinks with my meal. I found this product by chance and it is really helpful for me. It tastes really a high-quality product and makes my drinks a delicious, healthy beverage easy to do at home or anywhere I am on the go!

  7. Gloria DR   (verified buyer)

    I’ve been looking for a way to add matcha powder into my diet and have not found any other brand that compares to the pure-grade of this product. This is the best matcha powder I have ever used. It has an authentic taste of matcha, rich natural umami taste, high-quality ingredients, and a low price. The quantity needed for application is very small so it will last you a long time if you use it every day. Overall, this is one great product!

  8. Bernila V   (verified buyer)

    We’ve been serving matcha in our cafe for a long time now using a way more expensive pure matcha powder. I started by trying to adjust the recipe using the cheaper ingredients available, but it was too complicated and the powder would clump together in big chunks that were hard to mix with water. This product is perfect! It’s easy to use and has a very strong flavor of matcha. We also add this powder into our smoothies or drink it on its own. We even substitute this drink for our coffee line if our customers are looking for something that gives them more energy other than coffee.

  9. Lea L   (verified buyer)

    This is a very good matcha powder. It has a nice taste, rich in matcha umami and a natural taste that I love. The price is also very affordable compared to tsujiri and it’s not as plain tasting as other imported brands of pure matcha powder.

  10. Maricris M   (verified buyer)

    I am a huge fan of matcha tea. I have been drinking it for some time now and the pure matcha powder is my favorite brand to use when making tea. It has an authentic taste of matcha with a rich natural umami flavor that makes me want to drink more and more as I get used to its distinct taste.

  11. Diana T   (verified buyer)

    I drink matcha green tea every morning. I love to make my own matcha tea at home with a delicious and creamy frothy foam. To get the most out of this experience, I useed to use pure matcha powder from Mr. Matchas brand that I buy it directly from Japan. It is made in Japan and has been carefully selected by master chefs to produce high-quality flavor that will give you the authentic taste of Japanese tea ceremony culture. This pure matcha of Top Creamery has exactly similar taste.

  12. Dolores Tan   (verified buyer)

    I’m a huge fan of matcha as a personal consumer and as a cafe business onwder. I like the flavor and the way it makes me feel when I drink it. My favorite is a strong natural matcha flavor with a rich umami taste. It’s so delicious! This one tastes pure-grade, which means that there are no artificial substances added to them, just real healthy ingredients in every cup of my drink for me and for our customers.

  13. Edward T.   (verified buyer)

    Perfect blend with cheesecake…. MATCHArap talga…. First love ko yung wintermelon pero yung Matcha iba din yung atake ng lasa… Yung unang brand na nagamit ko sa store di gaanong masarap buti na lang nasearch ko itong product ng top creamery.. and im so lucky… Highly recommended talaga

  14. Elsa Eusebio   (verified buyer)

    I have’nt tried it yet but hopefully its good! Kudos to fast delivery!

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