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Sleep recharges your body. However, if you really want to strengthen your defenses against sickness, drink Rose Green Tea! This tea is rich with Vitamin-C, and in effect, helps your body to shield toxins and dangerous free radicals. It is also known to produce beautiful hair and lovely skin.

Product Details

Packaging — Tea Bags
Packaging Size — (1 Pack) 600 grams
11g / 50pcs Tea Bags
Shelf Life — 2 Years
Storage Condition — Room Temperature
Origin — Made in Taiwan

Why Order Our Rose Green Tea?

Strong and Refreshing — perfect selection for flavored-tea business; can be easily included in your flavored tea list/ menu. Filipinos would love the refreshing taste of this tea, especially those customers that patronize tea stores located in high end areas/ market;

Health Benefits —  known to:  contain anti-oxidants,  fight insomnia, strengthen immunity, prevent of sore throat and cold, natural remedy for menstrual concerns, among other health benefits;

TOP Quality / Best in the Market Supply — to bring our customer the best tea leaves in the market, our products are carefully selected and tested from reputable suppliers by our Research and Development Team; and

Cost Effective — quality and cost effeciency are ingredients of our business. Hence, we offer the best tea supplies in the market to help you grow your business.

How To Brew Your Rose Green Tea

Easy Preparation of Tea Bags:

(1) Pour 5000cc (5 Liters) of water into a pot for boiling.

(2) Turn the heat off, and remove the pot with boiling water from the stove/ fire.

(3) Let the boiling pot to reach 75 degree celcius temperature before placing a loose tea (100g) into it.

(4) After putting the loose tea into the pot, quickly stir it.

(5) Cover the pot for seven (7) minutes.

(6) Strain the pot by using a colander, and then place it in a thermos or container that keeps it hot. It is advised to let the temperature to cool at 60 degree celcius before covering the container/ thermos.

(7) Your tea is ready for sipping!

Traditional Preparation of Tea Bags:

(1) Put 100grms (9pcs to10pcs) of tea leaves into the pot.

(2) Pour hot water (65-75degrees centigrade) in to the pot that has tea leaves in it.

(3) Cover the pot; leave the pot covered for a period of seven (7) minutes.

(4) After the given time, carefully remove the tea leaves from the pot with a hot water in it, and store it in a container that has the capacity to keep the tea hot, such as a thermos.

(5) Your tea is ready for sipping. Note that  it can still be served when the tea is warm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to use Rose Green Tea?

This can be served with hot water only. Also, this tasted well when mixed/ used for milk teas, fruit teas and house blend teas.

How to prepare house blend tea with Rose Green Tea?

For 16oz serving: use 200cc of tea base, then simply add 20ml to 40ml of sweetener. Add ice cubes so it will be refreshing to drink. Note that the brewed tea bag can be placed on top of the drinks.

Can it be served when it’s not hot/ warm anymore?

Yes, in fact it can be mixed/ used for a fruit tea. While for milk tea, you need to dissolve the powder ingredients very well. Thus, it is best to use a hot/ warm tea when when preparing for a milk tea drink.

What is the recommended recipe for Rose Green Tea?

Rose Green Tea is recommended for house blend teas as this brings a premium and delicate tastes. Add a sweetener when necessary;  a honey with a squeeze of a lemon is blends with the taste great.

Any additional/ important information I need to remember in brewing Rose Green Tea?

Tea experts of Taiwan do not recommend re-brewing of tea leaves. They have noted that milk tea or boba drinks need consistency for its flavor. Thus, re-brewing/ using of previously brewed tea leaves is not advised as it would affect the taste of the drinks.

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