Soft-Serve Ice Cream/ Frozen Yogurt for Business
Training Course

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Welcome to TOP Creamery, the pioneering force in the realm of soft-serve ice cream entrepreneurship. With a resounding legacy of crafting over 10,000 triumphant entrepreneurs, we stand as unrivaled masters in our field. Alongside our Soft Serve Ice Cream Business Operation, our illustrious training extends its reach, offering a tantalizing selection of other frozen desserts training, including the acclaimed ice cream rolls, known to some as fried ice cream.

Prepare to unlock secrets to soft-serve ice cream with our unrivaled training. Uncover successful business operations based on our experience in partnership with successful entrepreneurs. Our ice cream training innovators shall serve as your guide, unraveling the craft towards a perfect soft-serve frozen dessert. Brace yourself for a hands-on immersion into the culinary wonders that await!

Delve into the depths of our training, with a comprehensive exploration spanning from the history of soft-serve ice cream enterprises to its operations and execution to captivate your discerning clientele.

But we are not here just to discuss theories. We advocate the pursuit of experiential enlightenment. Witness firsthand the transformation of raw ingredients into these frozen marvels under the tutelage of our seasoned trainers. Revel in the intricacies of flavor and texture as you master the art of soft-serve frozen dessert ice cream creation.

Whether you embark as a beginner or an experienced veteran seeking elevation, our training shall be your wealth of information and insights. We are resolute in our commitment to your success, as an entrepreneur in this amazing world of ice cream.

Enlist now in TOP Creamery, where the convergence of passion, knowledge, and ambition yields a future as delectable as it is successful.

What to expect during the training course?

I. Introduction

1a. Company introduction, and how it can help the customer’s business.

1b. Instructor introduction; participant meet and greet.

1c. Discussion and assessment of the attendees’ business ideas so as to determine how we can help them and customize the training methodologies with their business.

II. History and Background on the Ice Cream Business

2a. Planning the business.

2b. Machines and supplies.
• How to gain from soft-serve frozen desserts
• Different kinds of premixes; Powder and Liquid Ingredients
• Factors affecting overrun and texture of ice cream
• Guide to selection of soft-serve machines; Gravity Type, Pump Type, Air Pump
• Identification of parts and functions
• Maintenance, proper care, hygiene and safety
• Concept of over-runs

2c. Prioritize quality. Advantages of quality raw materials and equipment.

III. Machine Demonstration

3a. Installation.

3b. Assembling/Disassembling.

IV. Soft-Serve Demonstration and Application

4a. Basic preparation of ingredients.

4b. Soft-Serve / Frozen Yogurt Creation
• Vanilla Base
• Yogurt Base
• Soft-Serve as Beverage Toppings
• Soda Floats
• Affogato

4c. Serving soft-serve frozen desserts

4d. Ice cream rolls/fried ice cream preparations (if time permits)

V. Sensory Analysis

VI. Costing Analysis

VII. Business Guide Discussion

See how Soft-Serve Frozen Dessert business owners calculate their business sales, costings, and profitability.
The calculator helps you analyze your financial investment before spending any money on the business that you want to start.

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