Supreme Mix Series: Soft-Serve Ice Cream Powders

Supreme Mix Series Soft Serve Ice Cream Powders Top Creamery

The Supreme Series is our signature line of soft-serve ice cream powders.

The range is created with European standards in mind with a high value for money. The Supreme Series matches the quality of even the best soft-serve ice cream ingredients hailing from Italy, especially in terms of its world-renown vanilla milky creaminess, and yield, translating to higher savings per serving.

We recommend the line for upscale cafes, hotels, premium restaurant chains, and luxury buffets. Comes in 15 different flavors, from global bestsellers to today’s trending flavors to discover.

Applications: Soft-serve Ice Cream, Frappes, Ice Cream Cakes, Desserts, Cake Fillings, Pastries, and more