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Comprital and TOP Creamery

Comprital Philippines: Enhancing Gelato and Pastry Creations with Top-Quality Gelato Ingredients

At Comprital Philippines, we prioritize the delivery of superior ingredients that elevate the taste, texture, and overall experience of gelato and pastry delights. Our meticulously crafted products are designed to meet the stringent standards of discerning industry professionals, ensuring exceptional results for your culinary creations. Experience the difference with Comprital Philippines and unlock the potential of your gelato and pastry offerings.

In the heart of northern Italy is a business that exemplifies innovation in every facet of its trade. With over 30 years of experience in the gelato industry, Comprital‘s use of natural ingredients and innovative techniques has earned them the title of “chef’s choice.” If you’re searching for gelato mixes, bases, and ingredients of authentic natural flavors and emulsifiers, Comprital is the solution.

This Milan-based manufacturer of semi-processed ingredients for gelato and pastry offers a range of products, including milk and fruit bases, soft gelato, texture improvers, classical and fruit pastes, and frozen yogurt. They are the perfect partner for both artisan and industrial gelato producers in Italy and abroad.

Since its inception, Comprital has respected the traditional Italian gelato-making technique while embracing cutting-edge research to achieve optimal performance and natural results. This commitment to quality is what has made Italian gelato so well-known internationally. The company is a leading producer of gelato ingredients in Italy and has partnered with specialized distributors worldwide to reach customers in other countries.

And now, Comprital has partnered with TOP Creamery as its trusted partner to represent them in the Philippines.