TOP Mix Series: Soft-Serve Ice Cream Powders

top mix soft serve collage top creamery

Top Mix Series is Top Creamery’s premium line of soft-serve ice cream powders created perfectly for the Philippine palate.

It is developed to be the top-choice, soft-serve ice cream solution for restaurants, food franchises, mall kiosks, community markets, and neighborhood convenience stores.

The product quality is unmistakable with its flawless creaminess, and its higher overruns bring about the best taste profiles at great value for money.

Featuring more than 15 flavors, ranging from ice cream’s best-selling flavors to today’s trending flavors, as well as new unique tastes to discover!

When you think soft-serve, think Top Mix and Top Creamery!

Applications: Soft-Serve Ice Cream, Frappes, Ice Cream Cakes, Desserts, Cake Fillings, Pastries and more