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Welcome to the Top Creamery Food Manufacturing Corporation business training sign-up page. Below are the pieces of training and courses such as barista training, milktea training, ice cream business training we offer for aspiring entrepreneurs like you. Also, if you are in the food and beverage business, we help you widen your market by providing you with more comprehensive and advanced training. Find below the details for each training:


Elite Beverage Business Training is one-on-one coaching and recipe development with our expert Beverage innovator. In this Training, you will learn the perfect combination of flavors for different beverages and gain an in-depth understanding of the food and beverage industry, particularly in the coffee and milk tea businesses. Also, you will learn about product specifications, flavors, preparation, mixing of ingredients, and many more! Then, there will be a hands-on preparation, wherein you will learn how to use the equipment and machines commonly found in high-end shops and start-up cafes. If you are ready to start your café the soonest as possible, you can also request our Barista to provide you with the flavors for your menu, and our Barista will gladly help you with this!

Additional Training Inclusions: Introduction to beverage industry (2) Ongoing business opportunity and trends (3) Costing calculator and ROI projection (4) Top quality ingredients and their specifications (5) Hands-on preparation (6) Marketing strategies and digital marketing tips (7) Menu creation (8) Unlimited menu trial preparation (9) Access to our secret menu (10) and more!

Price Details: P10,000 / With One Free Companion
Schedule: Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday  (9 am to 4 pm)


Every successful coffee shop starts with the proper knowledge about the coffee business. Fortunately, we have all you need to create your own café business. Our Coffee Business Training provides the necessary insights and market details – from getting or upgrading your Barista skills to marketing strategies that are pandemic-proof.

Generally, our Coffee Training starts with a lecture about coffee ingredients selection, operation of the equipment/tools/machine, coffee market orientation, costing and capital, and market strategies. Then, you will be joining our coffee experts in choosing the ingredients in the actual hands-on preparation of the beverage. The highlight of the activity includes espresso-making, milk steaming, coffee concoctions, and frappe menu making.

Price Details: P3,000 per person.
Schedule:   Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month (8 am to 12 noon).


Top Creamery is a leader when it comes to milk tea business training. The company is equipped with high-quality equipment and premium ingredients available in our cozy kitchen. Getting exercise through the company will give you a first-hand experience using premium flavors, top-quality machines, and equipment! The highlight of the activity includes modern milktea making and recipes, fruit teas, carbonated beverages, yogurt drinks.

Additionally, our baristas and training personnel are highly skilled in beverage preparation. Their credentials include the preparation of the menu of the best-known beverage shops and hotels in the country, among others, and you will get to know their secret menu during the training. Further, they can accommodate your request to create your menu on the spot!


Top Creamery is a pioneer in the soft-serve ice cream business. We have made more than 10,000 successful entrepreneurs in this kind of business. Aside from Soft Serve Ice Cream Business Operation, For this training, you may select either of the following choices for bonus learnings: gelato or homemade ice cream, fried ice cream; others call it the rolled ice cream.  You will learn the secrets of running a successful soft serve ice cream business with our training. Additionally, you will get a proven process that will effectively help you prepare your very own menu that your customers will surely love!

Basically, this training covers introducing the soft-serve ice cream business down to the marketing strategies that successful entrepreneurs are applying until now. Also, our ice cream Connoisseur will teach you how to make the best-prepared ice cream, and you will have a hands-on into the making of that! The specifications of ice cream ingredients will be taught to you as well.

Price Details: P3,000 per attendee.
Schedule: Every First and Third Friday of the Month (8:00 am to 12 pm)


In this activity, we will teach you how to make your coffee without using a machine; we focus more on the manual preparation of coffee.

The activity includes the following: Introduction, Tool Selection and proper handling, Milk selection, Milk Steaming and basic Coffee Etching, Pour Over, Drip Filtration, Moka pot, Steeping (Cold Brew), and bonus the, Bottling and frappe Recipes.

Coffee presentation such as coffee etching is a bonus part of this course. This art of coffee preparation is a must if you have a coffee shop business or restaurant which serves coffee. The art of presentation of the coffee served to your beloved customers creates extra special appreciation. Aside from the exquisite taste of coffee, aesthetics plays a vital role in your product presentation!

Price Details: P3,000 per Trainee
Schedule: Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the Month (1 pm to 5 pm)


Top Creamery is composed of skilled and knowledgeable Research and Development Team responsible for the perfectly flavored beverage powders we produce. With this, we accommodated the request of the clients for us to create their signature flavors and own product label. Our success in producing high quality, premium yet cost-efficient products is a guarantee that we are able to provide what our client needs.

Most of our clients who request for custom products are mid-high end café, franchising companies, cloud kitchen/virtual kitchen, among others. So, if you intend to create your own brand or wanted to start your own franchising company or wanted to sell to the high end market or plans to start a cloud kitchen at your home, then this product of ours is the best fit for your venture.

Price Details: To Be Discussed
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