Course Option: Milk Tea, Frappe, and Specialty Beverage Training (Milk Tea + Frappe + Fruit Tea + Others)

Our Training Approach

Combined with the our group’s in-house baristas and beverage specialists, premium ingredient solutions, and high-quality tools and equipment, experience a learning unlike any other at TOP Creamery’s Kitchen Studio. Our program is theoretical, experiential and hands-on!

See our beverage masters in action and learn the fundamentals and techniques that goes into beverage preparations. Our team has obtained notable experience in both preparing the recipes and creating the menu for some of the best-known beverage brands and hotels in the country.

TOP Creamery advocates service and quality at the forefront of all of its training programs. We strive to be a foundational partner with our attendees’ next start up venture.

What To Expect During the Training

• Arabica
• Robusta
• Excelsa
• Liberica

• Green Beans
• Light Roast
• Medium Roast
• Dark Roast

• Chunks
• Medium Coarse
• Medium
• Medium Fine
• Fine
• Extra Fine

• Steeping
• Drip Filtration
• Vacuum Filtration
• Pressurized Infusion
• Hybrid

• origins and what it is

• frappes and iced blended drinks. 

*Our barista teaches you how to make the best tasting and extra smooth texture frappes. *Making this extremely refreshing drink for coffee lovers are a bit technical to get it’s perfect texture and taste, (wrong preparation might end-up on the drinks as too icy or watery, even the solid and liquid component separates)

• learn how to prepare iced coffee concoctions like iced latte, iced caramel macchiato, mocha latte, flavored iced lattes, and more signature drinks! 

• origins of Milk Tea

The first part of the training will be focused on the origin and information regarding the milk tea industry in general. History of tea, classifications of tea leaves, Milk Tea business in the Philippines, current Milk Tea business trends

• Tea
• Milk
• Bubbles

• Sinensis
• Assamica

• the two leaves and bud formula

• Green Tea
• Oolong Tea
• Black Tea

• how to brew tea

[correct process of] Brewing and blending of tea leaves [Similar to the preparations of Taiwan Tea Experts]

• Milk
• Non-Dairy Creamer
• Coconut Milk
• Sweetened Condensed Milk

• Tapioca Pearls
• Popping Boba
• Taro Balls
• Jelly Cubes

• how to prepare Tapioca Pearls

• Black Tea
• Matcha
• Jasmine
• Mango
• Taro
• Melon
• Strawberry
• Passionfruit
• Lychee

• how to prepare sinkers
• how to prepare egg pudding
• how to prepare basil seeds
• how to use butterfly pea flower powder/gradient powder
• how to prepare milk foam
• how to make rsc: rocksalt and cheese or cheesecake
• how to prepare cream puff

• Walling, messy cup, milk-foam applications identical to the favorite milk tea shops. *Our specialty, is the cream cheese cup walling. *Our baristas are highly skilled in doing different tweaks cheesecake walling [Depending on the students’ request]. 

• recipes and preparations

Learn the best soda-based drinks. These drinks are also called Italian soda as it is commonly served in restaurants and cafes in Italy served together with popping boba, where when it pops, delivers unique special additional flavors in your mouth. These refreshingly sweet drinks can surely cool down your customers’ thirst. 


• recipes and preparations

Using Yogurt ingredients in making a healthy-tasting drinks! *Yogurt drinks that taste similar to yakult are popular in the streets of Taiwan. Making a fruitea yogurt flavor is both refreshing and giving additional choice for your health-conscious customers.

• recipes and preparations

• recipes and preparations

See how milktea shop business owners calculate their business profitability. This calculator helps you analyze your monetary investment before spending any centavo on the business that you want to start.

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