Course Option: Milk Tea Business Training

Our Guarantee

Top Creamery is a leader when it comes to milk tea business training. The company is equipped with high-quality equipment and premium ingredients that are available in its cozy kitchen. Getting training through the company will give you a first-hand experience using premium flavors, top-quality machines, and utensils!

Additionally, our baristas and training personnel are highly skilled when it comes to beverage preparation. Their credentials include the preparation of the menu of the best-known beverage shop and hotels in the country, among others, and you will get to know their secret menu during the training. Further, they can accommodate your request to have your menu created on the spot!

What To Expect During the Training

The first part of the training will be focused on the origin and information regarding the milk tea industry in general. History of tea,  Classifications of tea leaves, milktea business in the Philippines, current milktea business trends, marketing strategies, best practices on starting a milktea business (how to increase the chances of profiting and decrease the chance of loosing), 

How Much The Training Costs

(a) 4,000 per Trainee – max of 12 attendees;

(b) 1500 per Trainee – virtual training / online training via Zoom.

What Our Trainees Say

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You can choose whether you will book a hands-on training for the whole day, or an online training via Zoom.