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Coffee Syrups

The Coffee Syrups and other Top Series Syrups by Top Creamery are recommended as the best cost-efficient flavors for coffee, made of pure, quality ingredients that perfectly blend with a wide array of beverages for your business. The range offers premium natural flavors that customers will love! These taste syrups are specially formulated for sweet tooth taste profile customers, perfect for cafes in the Philippines.

Your business is probably already aware of the importance of quality, cost-effective, efficient, and tested products for your coffee business. Top Creamery Syrups offer you that and more. With our wide variety of syrups, you can be sure that you’re getting a great product at a great price.


1. COST EFFECTIVE – Our syrups are made from the finest ingredients to ensure consistency and the highest quality standards.
2. EASY TO USE – No detailed measurements are required when using our syrups. Simply pump your syrup into your hot or cold beverage!
3. BIG SAVINGS – Each syrup bottle saves you money by reducing the amount of shipping needed to ship your product compared to those syrups manufactured from abroad.

The Top Series Syrups has been the choice of food service institutions, food manufacturing companies, and small businesses. We bring undeniably higher savings from our top-of-the-line production processes than those simply imported as finished goods.

Top Creamery maintains consistently high-quality products by meticulously selecting the highest grade raw materials from countries known for the best ingredient standards. Ideal for hot and cold specialty beverage applications (even several culinary requirements!) for start-ups and high-end foodservice business concepts.

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