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Our Guarantee For This Course

Top Creamery provides top-notch coffee/barista business training available for both beginners and those with basic skills in the preparation of the beverage. The company gives you the best skills and knowledge you need in starting [and growing] your coffee shop business or cafe business and makes you become more confident as an entrepreneur.

We also offer one-on-one training designed for those who want to start their cafe or an existing shop with superb personalized recipes. You can save time and money on ingredients for doing Research & Development. We surely can provide you with the best tasting beverage for your dream cafe.

Additionally, our baristas and training personnel are highly skilled when it comes to coffee and concoctions preparation. Their credentials include the preparation of the menu of the best-known beverage shop and hotels in the country, among others, and you will get to know their secret menu during the training. Further, they can accommodate your request to have your menu created on the spot!

Money Back Guarantee. Top Creamery commits to the assurance of our training program. We will give a full refund of the training fee once you attend our training and find unsatisfied with the said activity.

What To Expect During the Training

1. Discussion

1a. Intro about the company, and how it can help the(customer’s) business.

1b. Introduce visitors and instructor.

1c. Discussion and assessment of the students business ideas. This is done to determine on how we can help the student on his business.

1d. History and science of coffee.

2. Espresso Making Demonstration

2a. Coffee Grinding. Consistent, and precise grind size for coffee is important to produce the natural taste notes of tasting.

2b. Dosing, Tamping and Grooming of Coffee. Aside from the grind size of the coffee, right weight and correct tamping pressure is the next needed to produce the natural taste notes of tasting.

2c. Extraction of Espresso. This process is crucial to produce the perfect taste of espresso. A perfect taste of espresso should have a balance taste of acidity, bitterness and body. A wrong process might result to too sour, too bitter or too light taste of coffee.

2d. Milk Steaming. Perfectly steamed milk is a must to produce the naturally sweet, creamy taste of milk. In addition, perfect steaming can boost the taste of your coffee. An over-steamed coffee can result in a burnt taste. Also, you must perfect this process before making excellent latte art.

3. Demonstration (How To Prepare Flavored Coffee)

3a. Coffee Latte. One of the best-selling basic hot coffee served in the cafes.

3b. Cappuccino

3c. Mocha

3d. Flavored Iced Coffees. For the younger generation, iced coffees are the best-selling beverage in coffee shops. Main profits source.

4. Return Demonstration

4a. Coffee grinding
4b. Dosing, tamping, and grooming of coffee
4c. Extraction of espresso
4d. Coffee Latte
4e. Cappuccino

5. Artisan Coffee Making (Manual Brewing Methods)

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