Course Option: Elite Beverage Business Training

Our Guarantee For This Course

Elite Beverage Business Training is one-on-one coaching and recipe development with our expert Beverage innovator. In this Training, you will learn the perfect combination of flavors for different beverages, gain an in-depth understanding of the food and beverage industry, particularly in the coffee and milk tea businesses. Also, you will be taught about product specifications, flavors, preparation, mixing of ingredients, and many more! Then, there will be a hands-on preparation, wherein you will learn how to use the equipment and machines commonly found in high-end shops and start-up cafes. If you are ready to start your café the soonest possible, you can also request our Barista to provide you with the flavors for your menu, and our Barista will gladly help you with this!

What To Expect During the Training


1a. Introduction about the company and how it can help your business.

1b. getting to know each other – introduction of the attendees, barista coach, and speakers.

1c.Elaborated discussion and assessment about the planned business of the student. In this discussion, the instructor/trainer will determine which of the business (coffee, frappe, waffle, long fries, ice cream or milk tea) to teach, to be agreed with the student.

2. Theoretical Discussions About the Business

2a. Cafe business operation (Depending on the planned business of the visitor), this includes business planning, target market, location, branding and brand positioning, menu development, business system design, and business legalization.

2b. Equipment selection, and marketing strategies, digital marketing tips.

3. Demonstration about the Basic Preparations of the products to be sold.

4. Return Demonstration (Hands-on Preparation). This is the part where the student makes his recipes with the instructor’s guidance.

5. Bonus Training Subject depending on the students preference (Coffee, frappe, waffle, long fries, ice cream, and or milk tea)

How Much is the Training Course Price?

(a) 10,000 per Trainee – with one (1) companion.

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