Course Option: Elite One-on-One Business Training

Our Training Approach

The Elite One-on-One Business Training Course is TOP Creamery’s coaching program with our baristas, beverage specialists, and soft-serve ice cream innovators. Learn the perfect combination of flavors, gain an overview of the beverage and ice cream business industry, particularly those related to coffee, milk tea, and soft-serve. Know about product specifications, flavors, preparation, mixing of ingredients, and more! Also get hands-on with these preparations, where you will experience using the same equipments and ingredients found in the best parlors, cafes, milk tea bars, and specialty beverage concepts in the country.

What To Expect During the Training

1. Program

1a. Introduction about the company and how it can help your business

1b. Getting to know each other – introduction of the attendees and presenters

1c. Elaborated discussion and assessment about the planned business of the attendee. The instructor/trainer will begin the course based on the chosen one (1) program of the participant:
• Barista (Espresso Machine) + Frappes
• Milk Tea, Frappes and Specialty Beverages (Fruit Tea, Yogurt Drink, Fruit Sodas)
• Soft Serve (with Froyo + Gelato + Ice Cream Rolls as options)

2. Theories, Experiential, Practicals

2a. Business operation overview: business planning, target market, location, branding and brand positioning, menu development, business system design, and business registration.

2b. Equipment selection

3. Demonstrations about the basic preparations of the products to be sold

4. Hands-on session where attendee will also be involved in preparing the products with the instructor’s guidance

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