• All-Time Bestseller Soft Serve Ice Cream Package
  • All-Time Bestseller Soft Serve Ice Cream Package

All-Time Bestseller Soft Serve Ice Cream Package

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Introducing the All-Time Bestseller Soft Serve Ice Cream Package, the best solution for entrepreneurs and food businesses seeking to create a delightful soft serve experience. This comprehensive package features the Gelprom GP 100 Series Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, equipped with key highlights such as a pre-cooling system, ultra-compact space-saving design, and a hopper agitator for consistent mixtures. With a lower noise technology and independent pump system, this machine ensures smooth operations and gear longevity. Its stainless steel beater and cylinder guarantee fast freeze times and energy savings. Boasting impressive specifications and powered by the Embraco Italian Compressor, it produces up to 30kg of soft serve per hour, equivalent to 350 cones. The package also includes top-quality ingredients and business essentials, such as French Vanilla and Swiss Chocolate powders, crushed cookies, delectable syrups, a vibrant Smiley Cone, and practical measuring tools. Elevate your soft serve game with this extraordinary package and captivate your customers with irresistible frozen treats.

• Gelprom GP 100 Series Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

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All-Time Bestseller Soft Serve Ice Cream Package

Indulge in your entrepreneurial dream with the TOP Creamery All-Time Bestseller Soft Serve Ice Cream Package, meticulously designed to cater to the yearnings of aspiring entrepreneurs. This soft serve business package is supported with the best in premium soft serve ingredients, TOP-notch ice cream machines, resource materials including enlightening video tutorials, informative links, a comprehensive costing analysis, online recipe menus, and training group support.

What sets our soft serve business packages apart from the rest is our commitment to a comprehensive approach. We don’t simply hand you the tools; we guide you through the corridors of the ice cream industry, bestowing knowledge and imparting the necessary skills to create these delectable creations. We delve into the intricate fabric of the business, immersion in the costing analysis, capitalization, and return on investment. Moreover, even seasoned entrepreneurs can refine their acumen and augment their expertise through our unparalleled business training.

Furthermore, as manufacturers of premium ingredients, we become the key ingredient for your frozen dessert venture — because you need a partner that surpasses all expectations.

• Products, accessories, and equipment are subject to availability without prior notice.
• Our service team will provide expert recommendations on alternatives and other best-selling products in case of unavailabilities.
• Please contact our service team for further information on when the item will again be available.

Why should you choose our All-Time Bestseller Soft-Serve Ice Cream Business Package, you ask?

• Unmatched Quality: We scour the globe for the crème de la crème, handpicking the finest ingredients that are meticulously tested by our team of consummate researchers and developers. With our products, you shall revel in an unrivaled sensory experience.

• Cost-Effectiveness: Our business advocacy encompasses both quality and cost efficiency. We offer the best standards in frozen dessert bases and premixes available, ensuring that your business flourishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the package include training?
Indeed, training is an invaluable facet of our package. Upon its acquisition, learning is obtained through two distinctive avenues: hands-on training, where you immerse yourself in the frozen dessert craftsmanship, and the theory training, indispensable in the enhancement of the learning experience.

How does our product differentiate itself from others in the market?
We meticulously search for the best ingredients the world has to offer. Additionally, In our quest to uplift local communities, we source our sugar ingredients from select farms within the country, championing the cause of sustainability while simultaneously reducing the costs associated with taxes, labor, and transportation. We tirelessly calculate every facet to ensure that our company fulfills one of its primary missions, to invigorate your business.

Will we have the freedom to establish our own brand?
Indeed, with our business packages, you shall maximize the potential of your monetary investment. Unlike the rigid constraints of franchising, where you are bound to carry the burden of a particular brand along with its accompanying royalties and marketing fees, we offer you the liberating freedom to forge your own unique identity.

If we acquire a stall or shop, will we receive assistance?
During our training sessions and post-training support, you have access to our vast resources available. You will have information and links to recipe creation. Furthermore, our after-sales service includes exclusive group chats where you can seek technical support whenever the need arises. Our frozen dessert and beverage innovators, seasoned veterans of the trade, has helped forge the identities of renowned brands.

Are there any additional charges beyond the published business package price?
Rest assured, no hidden charges lie in wait. We bestow upon you more than the sum of your investment. Naturally, commencing any business endeavor may require additional expenses such as space rental, electricity and water fees, store beautification, or food cart fabrication.

Can we sell other items beyond those included in the package?
The business becomes an extension of your own vision. We fervently encourage you to explore and exploit your creative ideas, striving for profitability. Your business is your own canvas, and we are here to assist you in its inception, empowering you to learn, grow, and unlock its full potential.

Can I place an order online? If so, how long until I receive it?
Yes, you can conveniently place your order or contact us directly via Facebook or through our website. Shipping and delivery times may vary. Customers within Metro Manila typically receive their orders within five (5) business days, provided they reach the minimum purchase amount.

If you require any assistance from our main office, do not hesitate to reach us via our contact page. We are committed to prioritizing your inquiries and ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

We value your feedback and opinions. Please do not hesitate to contact us to share your thoughts regarding our products. Your voice reverberates within our company, resonating with significance and guiding our path to excellence.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg


All-Time Bestseller Soft-Serve Ice Cream Business Package

Business Package Inclusions:

The Machine:
Gelprom GP 100 Series Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

key highlights:
• pre-cooling system
• ultra-compact space-saving
• hopper agitator keeps mixtures in fluid consistency
• lower noise technology
• independent pump system for gear life and flexible pump performance
• stainless steel beater and cylinder for fast freeze down time saving on energy

• digital control panel
• hopper agitator mixer
• independent refrigeration system
• maintains product temperature during long standby periods
• dispense counter display
• low-level indicating light
• microprocessor control regulates refrigeration
• freezing cylinder protection
• protection against over, low, and overload voltages
• transparent discharge door

• model: GP100
• size: 323x781x914mm
• weight (net/gross) 95kg/115kg
• power supply: 220V/60HZ
• rated power input: 1.8KW
• hopper capacity: 12 liters
• freezing cylinder: 2 liters
• mix deliver system: gravity feed
• compressor: Embraco Italian Compressor
• hourly production kg: 30KG
• hourly production 80g servings: 350 cones

The optimal performance of the machine is contingent upon factors such as proper machine handling, optimal operation, adherence to cleaning and safety guidelines, and the environment in which they are operated.

Ingredients and Business Essentials:

• 5 Top Mix Soft-Serve French Vanilla Powder 1kg
• 5 Top Mix Soft-Serve Swiss Chocolate Powder 1kg
• 2 Crushed Cookies 500g
• 1 TOP Series Chocolate Syrup
• 1 TOP Series Strawberry Syrup
• 1 Smiley Cone 560s
• 1 Measuring Pitcher 5L
• 1 Wire Whisk

*Products, accessories, and equipment are subject to availability without prior notice.
*Our service team will provide expert recommendations on alternatives and other best-selling products in case of unavailabilities.
*Please contact our service team for further information on when the item will again be available.

7 reviews for All-Time Bestseller Soft Serve Ice Cream Package

  1. Conchita Asuncion   (verified buyer)

    Maganda itong package nato para sa mga gustong makatipid kagaya ko

  2. Loren Diaz   (verified buyer)

    Wow…never regretted purchasing this. Thanks for the help top creamery!

  3. A. Severino   (verified buyer)

    Ang Ganda ng machine at ang sarap pa ng mga flavors napaka smooth pa

  4. Madelaine Espiritu   (verified buyer)

    wow! ang ganda ng pagka produce ng machine ng top creamery!

  5. Rofalyn Garcia   (verified buyer)

    This machine and powders can compete in the market! kaya laging binabalikan. 😍

  6. Ellen Aspurias   (verified buyer)

    Maximizing our shop with our soft serve business and pinipilahan ito especially our flavors thanks to top creamery

  7. M Yu   (verified buyer)

    Great offer! I never get wrong on doing business with you since kayo nga ang expert when it comes to soft serve business

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