Manual Coffee Brewing (Pop Up or Mobile Coffee Business)

Our Guarantee For This Course

In this Training Course, we will teach you how to make your coffee without using a machine; we focus more on the manual preparation of coffee.

Coffee presentation such as coffee etching is a bonus part of this course. This art of coffee preparation is a must if you have a coffee shop business or restaurant which serves coffee. The art of presentation of the coffee served to your beloved customers creates extra special appreciation. Aside from the exquisite taste of coffee, aesthetics plays a vital role in your product presentation!

Money Back Guarantee. Top Creamery commits to the assurance of our training program. We will give a full refund of the training fee once you attend our training and find unsatisfied with the said activity.

What To Expect During the Training

1. Discussion

*Note: Depending on the attendees, say if they have attended the coffee business training already, we may skip this part and proceed with the next topic to maximize the training time and learning.

1a. Introduction about the company, and how it can help the(customer’s) business.

1b. Introduce visitors and instructor.

1c. Discussion and assessment of the students business ideas. This is done to determine on how we can help the student on his business.

1d. History and Science of coffee.

1e. Introduction to specialty coffee

2. Demonstration

2a. Selection of grind size and Grinding of coffee.

2b. Pour-over/V60/Chemex brewing.

2c. Syphon brewing.

2d. Espresso making using mocha pot.

2e. French Press brewing.

2f. Aeropress brewing.

2g. Cold brew process.

3. Flavored Coffee Application

3a. Iced cold drinks using manually brewed.

3b. Hot flavored coffee using manually brewed coffee.

3c. Frappe making using manual brewed coffee (bonus recipe).

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