Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Powder


Enjoy our Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Powder with the loveliest flavor of all time – Strawberry!  Made from selected ripe strawberry.

Product Specifics

Weight: One (1) kg.
Ingredients: Sugar, Skimmed Milk, Non-Dairy Creamer, Whey Powder, Stabilizer (Xanthan Gum), Nature Identical Flavor, Artificial Colors (Blue #1, Red #40, Yellow #5 and #6), Anti-Caking Agent (Tricalcium Phosphate)

How To Prepare Your Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Powder

(1) Open one (1) pack of Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Premix powder, and pour into the calibrated pitcher with containing 2.5 liters of warm water.

(2) Dissolve the premix and make sure to mix it well. Use a stainless whisk or electric whisk in mixing the powder in order to achieve the best result.

(3) Set aside the mixed ppremix powder for atleast 30 minutes.

(4) Then, carefully pour the mixed product into the ice cream machine. This should be almost ready by then.

(5) Serve by topping the ice cream with fudge or syrup.

Soon! Video Instruction [On How To Prepare]
Frequently Asked Questions

How is your product different from others in the market?

This premium quality and cost-effecient ice cream premix products are manufactured by Top Creamery Philippines.  Product ingredients/ raw materials are imported from the Europe; some selections are locally sourced and are carefully chosen by our Research and Development Team. We pride our ice cream premix and milk tea products as the top in the market today when it comes to quality and cost! We get 100% positive feedback from our customers, and mostly, if not all, grew (and still growing) with Top Creamer as their direct supplier/partner.

Do you customize/personalize the flavor of your product in order to cater the palate of my target customers  i.e. I need to add sweetness, creaminess, or reduce the same?

Yes, we make  the flavor of your ice cream based on your specifications. Please note however that there is a  requirement with regard to the amount of purchase for custom-flavored ice cream premix product. In addition to this, we may also require documents proving the legitimacy/ seriousness of the business before any engagement with you. What we can assure though, is that you will get what flavor you wish us to make for you.

I have my business franchised and I need my product/s to be labelled as my own. How can you help me?

We can definitely help you with this! Our OEM or customize packaging  is your solution in order for you to label the products under your brand. In order to cater this request, we only require that the guidelines of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) be complied with. For further inquiries regarding this matter, you may call us through our direct line or email us at:

If we proceed with the customization request, what requirements/documents should I prepare?

We will require te following: signed Contract of Engagement, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) registration, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) registration,  Business Permits , Minimum Purchase amounting to Three Hundred Twenty Kilograms (320 kg) per proposed flavor to be customized, and other necessary documents.

Can I purchase your product online?

Sure you can! You may place your order via our website or through our Facebook page.

Generally, what is your “lead time” time on the processed orders?

Customers within Metro Manila  receive their items within five (5) business days. For this order however, we may need a minimum amount of purchase for delivery. Please check our Shipping and Delivery Policy for further details or contact us directly.

Can I ask for a sample of this product?

Definitely! Just contact one of our Sales Representative via phone or email, and they will prepare the sample product you need for pick-up from our manufacturing plant. Please note however that we may require you to present your business documents, such as DTI for sampling. For multiple sample request or urgent sample request, we advise to purchase online through accredited online distributor in Shopee or through this website.

Do you have a distributor near me where I can conveniently purchase your product from?

Lucky for you, we have distributors all over the Philippines. We also have accredited online distributors where you can purchase our products without leaving home. You may want to check this link for reference.

In the event that you need assistance from the main office, please do not hesitate to call us at 02-2415040 or email us directly at and we will make your inquires our priority.

For feedback or comments about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your opinion matters to us.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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