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Trusted name in Ingredients and Powders for: Coffee, Milk Tea, Specialty Beverages, and Ice Cream.

Top Creamery is your one-stop solution for soft-serve ice cream, frappe business, coffee supplies, and milk tea business both in the Philippines and abroad. We manufacture and supply high-quality and cost-efficient milk tea and ice cream premix products for you. Our products’ ingredients are imported from Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. We Create Your Own Flavor. We also customize flavors based on your likings and specifications. Our company prides the flavor it makes when it comes to ice cream, coffee, and milk tea ingredients – we create a taste for you that everyone would love!



Top Creamery Food Manufacturing Corporation is a manufacturing company that provides your business with high-quality food and beverage ingredients such as milk tea/boba tea supplies, coffee supplies, soft-serve ice cream pre-mixes, shakes, slush, fried ice cream, gelato, and more!

We also produce essential products that are necessary for the ice cream and café businesses, such as syrups, fudges, dips. Additionally, we customize powdered mixes based on the consumers’ preference as regards the flavor. In fact, we create what the client needs in his or her business.

We, with our reliable Research and Development Team, have proven and always are confident in selecting raw materials, processing, and producing the flavors the market demands at the most effective cost possible. Read More About Us »

Product Customization and Personalized Corporate Branding

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Top Creamery comprises a skilled and knowledgeable Research and Development Team responsible for the perfectly flavored beverage powders we produce. With this, we accommodated the request of the clients for us to create their signature flavors and own product label. Our success in delivering high-quality, premium yet cost-efficient products guarantees that we can provide for our client’s needs.

Our clients who request custom products are mid-high-end cafés, franchising companies, cloud kitchens/virtual kitchens, etc. So, if you intend to create your brand, want to start your own franchising company, want to sell to the high-end market, or plan to start a cloud kitchen at your home, then this product of ours is the best fit for your venture. Learn More »



When planning a menu from scratch and creating your own set of recipes, you might end up looking for training. Sometimes hesitant to join because you live far from the City, or it might be more economical for you to do your research. 

We prepared important informational guide videos to learn how to professionally prepare milktea, coffee, ice cream, and food using our products. Most recipes will be present in the same process with a clean, easy-to-understand flow. The business trend suggests being more creative by making your version based on our guidelines. Learn More »

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Top Creamery offers the most innovative business training in the Philippines on different market ranges such as low, mid, and high-level markets, thus saving you considerable time and capital on research and development. We trained thousands of entrepreneurs.

In addition, aside from first-hand experience knowledge on business start-up and operation, our trainers are equipped with technical knowledge on how you can gain advantage on the competition and develop more creative ideas which guarantee your business success.

Special Training and Menu Development is the most in-demand training service we offer. We help and assist you in developing your set of recipes and formulations depending on your business concept with the guidance of our expert barista trainer and tips and tricks from experienced company owners on how they succeed in the business. Innovative Milktea Business, Basic Barista Training, Latte art, other brewing methods, and Ice Cream Making are some of our training programs. Learn More »


Top Creamery’s Negosyo Packages such as milktea business and coffee package are made to meet the increasing demand of people who aim to become beverage and/or food entrepreneurs.

Our company has been constantly providing high-quality products such as milk tea supplies, soft-serve ice cream supplies, premium frappe ingredients, and long fries ingredients.

We also provide training and a complete set of products for your business through our negosyo packages. What made our business packages stand out from others is that we can bring to our clients the wholistic approach necessary to become successful in business. Let us help you achieve your dream of becoming a successful beverage entrepreneur!

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