Frappe Base Powder (1kg)



Make your drinks extra special with high-quality Frappe Base Powder Premix.

FUNCTION- Serves as a binding agent or smoothing agent to make your drink more stable without separation. For frappe it makes the drink produce a smoother texture while adding body to the taste. It also helps the cold mixture to preserve its cold temperature longer thus delivers specially delictable senses to the customer’s taste buds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to use Frappe Base?

  • Milktea – Adds milkiness to the taste and the taste of the milk tea flavor binds together with the milk. Even if the ice has already melted the solid creamy taste is still there on the finished product drink.
  • Iced Drink – Adds milk flavor and makes the cold temperature of the drink stay longer.
  • Frappe, Shake or Smoothies – Smoothens the texture of the drink and adds milk flavor into the final product.
  • Ice Candy (Adds smoothness and ice cream like texture)


How To Make Caramel Macchiato Frappe (For 16oz cup)

(1) Pour 3scoops of frappe base into the blender.

(2) Pour 25-30cc Caramel Syrup and 10ml of French Vanilla Syrup into a blender with 1full 16oz cup of ice.

(3) Pour two  (2) shots of espresso or 1scoop of Pure Coffee Powder with 60ml of water into the blender and run for 30secs.

(4) Add coffee jelly, then serve with whipping cream on top garnished with caramel syrup.

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Weight 1 kg


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