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Taiwan Tapioca Pearls

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Taiwan Tapioca Pearls by Top Creamery is made of pure quality raw materials from Taiwan that perfectly satisfies your customer’s palate. It has a consistent chewiness taste lingering on your mouth that your clients will undoubtedly adore.

Regarding the cost, this Taiwan Tapioca Pearls brand is the choice of multiple franchise companies. The production cost relative to the manufacturing process is noticeably lower.

Top Creamery maintains its product quality by importing the highest grade of raw materials from well-known origin Countries. These Taiwan Tapioca Pearls can be served to middle and high-end customers.

We offer you the most premium Taiwan Tapioca Pearls available in the Philippines.

Tapioca Pearls

Product Details

Net Weight — One (1) kg
Shelf Life — You may contact us regarding this information.
Storage Condition — You may contact us regarding this information.

Why Order Our Tapioca Pearls?

TOP Quality / Best In The Market — to bring our customers the best milk tea sinkers in Asia, our products are carefully selected and tested from reputable suppliers by our Research and Development Team; and

Cost-Effective — quality and cost effeciency are ingredients of our business. Hence, we offer the best milk tea supplies in the market to help you grow your business.

How To Prepare Your Tapioca Pearls

(1) put 10 liters of water into a heating container for boiling.

(2) Pour one (1) kg of tapioca pearls into the pot of water.

(3) Cook under medium to high heat for 40 minutes. Tapioca pearls should float after the given time; otherwise, you should wait until the pearls float.

(4) Turn off the fire/ heat and cover the cooked tapioca pearls.

(5) Cool the tapioca pearls for about 20 minutes.

(6) Rinse the tapioca pearls with cold water.

(7) Finally, add brown sugar syrup or muscovado sugar, at your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to use Tapioca Pearls?

It can be tasty toppings or sinkers for your shakes, frappe, fruit tea, and of course, milk tea drinks!

How is your product different from others in the market?

We pride our milk tea products to be the best in the market today — with ingredients sourced from Europe, our Research and Development Team ensures that we import high-quality raw ingredients and produce the taste every milk tea store owner and milk tea patrons would love.

We also support locals as we source our sugar ingredients from the country’s fresh produce from selected farms. In effect, we reduce the cost of our finished products because we lessen taxes, labor costs, and transportation costs. This is all calculated for our company to attain one of our missions — to help grow your business.

I’m interested in buying your product. Would it be possible to ask for a free sample of this product?

For now, we do not provide a free sample of this product. However, we would love to conduct a demo on preparing this product and get a free taste. Also, you may want to arrange for a purchase of this product for your tasting.

Can I order online? If so, how many days will I receive my order?

Yes, you can order/ contact us directly via Facebook or this website.
Regarding the shipping and delivery, it differs: customers within Metro Manila usually receive their order within five (5) business days, provided that they reach the minimum purchase amount. Please check our Shipping and Delivery Policy for further details.

For further inquiries, please visit our FAQs page here.

If you need assistance from our main office, please do not hesitate to call us at 02-2415040 or email us directly at customerservice@topcreamery.com, and we will make your inquires our priority.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for feedback or comments about this product. Your opinion matters to us.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

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21 reviews for Taiwan Tapioca Pearls

  1. Bryan Echague   (verified buyer)

    I love Top Creamery tapiocas, they are so chewy and sweet. It also add a distinct flavor to milk tea!

  2. Hector S.   (verified buyer) (verified buyer)

    Just follow the proper prepation with this pearl and it will never disappoint you. Hindi siya madaling tumigas and chewy pa rin.

  3. Heidi Patiak   (verified buyer)

    Best quality and cost effective pearl sinker. With proper preparation,you will never go wrong. Very like ko ang chewyness and texture. 👍💗

  4. JC Milktea House   (verified buyer)

    Wil order again…super chewy!!!😘😘😘😘

  5. Vicente Remington   (verified buyer)

    Highly recommended. The taste and chewiness of pearl is excellent❤

  6. Queen Maria P.   (verified buyer)

    If you’re looking for an authentic boba pearls, ito na yun. Chewy talaga siya.

  7. Bianca Y.   (verified buyer)

    Magandang quality. Chewy siya.

  8. Argie M.   (verified buyer)

    Hinahanap hanap ng customer namin ito dahil sa chewiness. The best siya!

  9. Anthony D   (verified buyer)

    This tapioca is recommended. Similar to the taste of Macao Imperial’s tapioca pearl. Super chewy also.

  10. Mary H   (verified buyer)

    Approved and recomended

  11. Kathleen Y   (verified buyer)

    this tapioca pearls is worth recommending. I have tried different brands of tapioca pearls but this one stands out.

  12. Kristin D   (verified buyer)

    Worth my recommendation. Similar taste and chewiness to macao imperial’s tapioca pearls.

  13. Julius T   (verified buyer)

    The best pa rin talaga ang tapioca na ito. Super chewy.

  14. James L.   (verified buyer)

    Super Chewy! 💖

  15. Kyra S   (verified buyer)

    This tapioca is one of the most expensive, but this one is the best in terms of shelf life, chewiness and taste.

  16. Janina T   (verified buyer)

    This tapioca is similar taste and chewiness with the one serve on my favorite yogurt brand, Koomi. Perfect!

  17. Mark Aaron S   (verified buyer)

    This is one of the weapons I have for my cafe. Recommended.

  18. Precious Tan   (verified buyer)

    The best ever tasted tapioca in terms of chewiness. Legit na same ng sa favorite shop kong xing fu tang ang taste

  19. Ciara A   (verified buyer)

    This one is very good. Mahirap lang for shipping.

  20. Flora Malalad   (verified buyer)

    Best Tapioca I ever tasted and mas chewy siya infernes.

  21. Hilda   (verified buyer)

    Do you sell these tapioca to Xing Fu Tang? It tastes similar.

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