• TOP Creamery Atok Benguet Coffee Beans
  • TOP Creamery Atok Benguet Coffee Beans

Atok Benguet Coffee Beans – Premium Grade


[ Premium Grade ]

Behold the Atok Benguet Premium Grade Coffee Beans, the paramount choice for coffee enthusiasts and aficionados alike. With their 100% Arabica composition, these beans have undergone a meticulous washing process and a medium-dark roast to achieve an unrivaled taste profile that is truly extraordinary.

What elevates these beans above the rest is their remarkable balance of flavors – the pungent and robust notes of roasted nuts, the delicate and subtle sweetness of guava, and a faint hint of citrus fruits that combine to create a cup of coffee that is nothing short of alluring and pleasing to the palate.

Cultivated in the mountainous region of Atok in Benguet, Philippines, these beans have been grown under optimal conditions at high altitude coffee fields to create a complex flavor that is unique to the region.

For a truly immersive experience of the nuanced flavors of these beans, we recommend using either a pour-over or French press method. They add a layer of sophistication and depth to your morning ritual, providing a sweet and intricate flavor that is unmatched.

Indeed, the Atok Benguet Premium Grade Coffee Beans are a sublime and gratifying experience for every coffee connoisseur. I implore you to indulge and delight your senses with the best that Philippine coffee has to offer.

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Atok Benguet Premium Grade Coffee Beans

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