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  • Java Chips
  • Barista-Supreme-Java-Chips-Powder-Front
  • Barista-Supreme-Java-Chips-Powder-Photoset
  • Java Chips Frappe Recipe by TOP Creamery
  • Iced Mocha Java Chips by TOP Creamery
  • Java Chip Almond Smoothie by TOP Creamery
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Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder 750g

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blended powders for the exceptional artisan craftsmanship of your finest signature coffee beverages

Introducing the Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder, a symphony of flavor and texture, promising to elevate every cup to an unparalleled experience. This premium blend competes with the best international brands, yet it offers more concentrated flavors at less than half the price, making it the choice of discerning baristas.

frappe, iced coffees, shakes, hot coffees, smoothies, milk teas

• net weight: 750g (26.45 oz)
• sold per unit: 14 units per box
makes 107 cups of hot 8 oz beverage drinks; makes 50 cups of cold 16 oz beverage drinks based on recommended preparation

• shelf life: one (1) year, if remain unopened; six (6) months, after opening the container
• storage condition: store tightly closed under cool, dry conditions; avoid exposure to sunlight; recommended storage temperature: 20˚C – 35˚C
• allergen declaration: manufactured in a facility where milk and products with wheat, soy and peanut is present

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The Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder, imbued with tantalizing chocolate bits, delivers a robust and versatile profile, perfect for creating frappes, iced coffees, hot coffees, milk teas, and smoothies. Its rich taste harmonizes with espresso, enhancing each sip with a creamy, chocolatey depth. This blend ensures that even a smaller portion serving achieves the full, luxurious flavor profile that customers crave.

For the food and beverage business, the Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder is a boon. Its concentrated flavors mean less product is needed per serving, maximizing profitability without compromising on quality. This versatility allows for endless creativity in menu offerings, from classic frappes to innovative hot coffee concoctions. Baristas can blend 15g of this powder with a frappe base, espresso, and ice for a 16 oz frappe, or dissolve 7g in hot espresso for an 8 oz coffee, adding steamed milk for an exquisite finish.

Picture a frappe topped with a generous swirl of whipped cream, drizzled with dark chocolate sauce, and garnished with a sprinkle of chocolate shavings. Innovative shops are crafting signature recipes, like Java Chip Affogato—where a scoop of vanilla ice cream meets a hot espresso shot mixed with Java Chips Powder. The trend-setting establishments are even serving it in unique, eye-catching containers like mason jars or vintage glassware, creating a visual and sensory delight.

In essence, the Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder from TOP Creamery is not just an ingredient; it is a statement of quality and creativity. Its adaptability and superior taste make it an indispensable part of any cafe’s arsenal, promising to transform ordinary coffee moments into extraordinary experiences.

preparation guides:
• For Hot Serving Preparations 8oz:
7 grams of Barista Supreme Series Powder in 1-2 shots of espresso and 150ml of steamed milk.

• For Frappes and Shakes Preparations 16oz:
1 scoop (15 grams) of Barista Supreme Series Powder, 3 scoops (45 grams) of Frappe Base Powder, 1-2 shots of espresso, and 220 grams of ice in a blender.

Additional information

Weight .750 kg

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• Ingredients.
Creamer [(Glucose Syrup, Hydrogenated Vegetable oil, Milk Protein (Caseinate), Stabilizer (E340), Emulsifier (E471), Anti-Caking Agent (E551)], Sugar, Chocolate Drops [(Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Powder, E491, Soy Lecithin, Vanillin, Salt)], Whey Powder, Alkalized Cocoa Powder, Anti-caking Agent (E551), Stabilizer (E466), Emulsifier (E471), Artificial Colors (E102, E110, E133, E129), Nature-Identical Chocolate Flavor

• Nutrition Facts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• What does TOP Creamery offer?
TOP Creamery offers business packages, creamers, bases, customized products, ice cream, milk tea, flavored powders, sinkers, toppers, syrups, tea leaves, coffee beans, training, and many more!

• Does TOP Creamery provide training for aspiring business owners?
Yes, TOP Creamery offers training for coffee, milk tea, specialty beverages, and soft-serve ice cream. For more information, visit this link: https://topcreamery.com/barista-trainings-and-courses/.

• Where to buy TOP Creamery products?
You can buy directly on our website or from our distributors. Here is the list of our distributors: https://topcreamery.com/top-creamery-supplier/.

• What are your payment options?
Products on the website can be paid using PayPal, Online Bank Transfer, Credit Card, GCash, or Cash On Delivery (COD) with J&T Express shipping.

• Is it possible to incorporate TOP Creamery products into cooking and culinary uses?
Yes! TOP Creamery products can be used in cooking, culinary, and decorative applications to add flavor and creativity to your dishes.

• Can I become a TOP Creamery distributor/dealer/reseller?
Be partners with the most trusted name in ingredients and powders for:
Coffee, Milk Tea, Specialty Beverages, and Ice Cream. For distributor application, visit this link: https://topcreamery.com/distributor-application/.

For dealer/reseller/sub-distributor application, visit this link: https://topcreamery.com/top-creamery-dealer-reseller-sub-distributor-partnership-application/.

• Do you accept returns or exchanges?
TOP Creamery accepts returns, exchanges, and refunds within 48 hours for wrong items, damaged packages, or quality issues. Customers handle return shipping, provide proof of purchase, and submit clear photos/videos of the problem.

After approval, buyers have options, including replacement, exchange for items of equal value, or a refund. Refund processing time varies (up to 5 business days for bank transfers/cash payments, 15-30 business days for credit card transactions).

• Do you offer product customization and private labeling?
Yes, TOP Creamery accommodated the request of its clients to create their signature flavors and own product labels (rebranding). For further information, visit this link: https://topcreamery.com/rebranding/.

If you need assistance from our main office, please do not hesitate to call us at 02-2415040 or email us directly at support@topcreamery.com, and we will make your inquiries our priority.

If you have concerns or comments about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your opinion matters to us.

9 reviews for Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder 750g

  1. Carlo Santos   (verified buyer)

    I have been searching for a good quality coffee powder flavors to use in my frappes and iced coffees. I came across this product while browsing the internet and decided to try it out. After using this product, I am now hooked on it! The flavor is very rich and delicious, especially when I mix it with your extra cold coffee with milk. Good customer service as well!

  2. Danica Sy   (verified buyer)

    The Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder tastes great and is not too strong or bitter. The chips are very light in weight, which makes them perfect for making frappes and iced coffee. I like the fact that they are natural tasting because it gives my drinks a better taste than making using those products manufactured abroad. They also provide a lower grammage than those imported from abroad brand so you will have less waste when using these chips to make your coffee drinks!

  3. JT Mendoza   (verified buyer)

    I tried the Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder, and I must say that it is a product of high quality. The flavor is natural and delicious. It has no chemical taste, which makes it perfect for any drink you might want to prepare at home or in your business.

  4. James Tan   (verified buyer)

    I like Barista Supreme because it is a great product that we are using in the United States. It has a natural taste and comes with less grammage in application than other similar products, making it perfect for application to coffee iced drinks. I love this product!

  5. Stephanie Yang   (verified buyer)

    I am a coffee lover and I drink a lot of it at home. My favorite is iced coffee, which is made with cream and other toppings. The Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder has the perfect taste for making an iced latte or hot cappuccino in our home using barista style machine. It’s very easy to use because you just add hot or cold water to your desired amount. Also, there are lots of preparations on their youtube channel available so you can make any type of drink that you like best!

  6. Ericka Santiago   (verified buyer)

    I love the taste of this product. It’s a natural tasting for my iced coffee and it tastes great in frappe. I also like that they use less grammage for the application, which means I can get more servings per pack! The Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder is also very good quality compared to those other imported brands.

  7. Janice Saavedra   (verified buyer)

    I am a huge fan of the Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder. I love to make frappes and iced coffees with this powder, which is also a great quality product. The taste is natural and it’s really easy to mix into coffee or frappes. This powder has less grammage than those from other brands, so you can save money on food costs as well!

  8. Yzabelle Yu   (verified buyer)

    I tried the Barista Supreme Java Chips Powder, and I must say that it is a product of high quality. The flavor is natural and delicious. It has no chemical taste, which makes it perfect for any drink you might want to prepare at home or in your business for your customers. Value for money!

  9. M Travis   (verified buyer)

    My customers really love the flavor of this product. It’s a natural taste and is suitable for our iced coffee and frappes to serve. The quality is also very good and if you are looking for a high-quality powder to make your morning or evening coffee offerings for your cafe, I would definitely recommend it!

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