• Blended Series Hersheys Powder Top Creamery
  • Blended Series Hersheys Powder Top Creamery

Blended Series Hershey’s Powder

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Make a powerful flavor line-up of your ice-blended drinks with TOP CREAMERY’s Hershey’s Drink Powder!  Other uses: Frappe/smoothies

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Hershey’s Powder by Top Creamery is made of pure quality raw materials from the United States of America that perfectly blend nicely with your beverage. It has a chocolatey-filled taste lingering on your mouth that your clients will undoubtedly adore.

Regarding the cost, this Hershey’s brand is the choice of multiple franchise companies. The production cost relative to the manufacturing process is noticeably lower.

Top Creamery maintains its product quality by importing the highest grade of raw materials from well-known origin Countries. This Hershey’s Powder can be served to middle and high-end customers for hot and cold applications.

Hershey’s Powder

Top Creamery’s Hershey’s Powder is made with authentic Hershey’s cocoa powder. This product is perfect for hot chocolate or iced Hershey’s application. In addition, this product can be enjoyed with a frappe preparation for your coffee shop.

Product Details

Net Weight — 500g
Shelf Life —  One (1) Year, if remains unopen; six (6) months, after opening the container
Storage Condition — Store under room temperature

Why Order Our Hershey’s Blended Drink Powder?

 TOP Quality / Best In The Market — to bring our customers the best milk tea sinkers in the market, our products are carefully selected and tested by reputable suppliers by our Research and Development Team; and

 Cost-Effective — quality and cost efficiency are ingredients of our business. Hence, we offer the best milk tea supplies in the market to help you grow your business.



  1. On a 150ml (max 200ml) of milk, pour three (3-4) scoops (30-40grms) of Hershey’s Powder.
  2. Dissolve thoroughly.
  3. Pour in a 16oz cup full of ice.


  1. On a 150ml (max 200ml) of milk, pour three (3) scoops (30grms) of Hershey’s Powder.
  2. Dissolve thoroughly.
  3. Pour in a 22oz cup full of ice.
  4. Pour 2 shots of espresso.


  1. On a 200ml (maximum of 250ml) of milk, pour three (5-6) scoops (50-60grms) of Hershey’s Powder.
  2. Dissolve thoroughly.
  3. Pour in a 16oz cup full of ice.


  1. On a 150ml (max 200ml) of milk, pour three (3) scoops (30grms) of Hershey’s Powder.
  2. Dissolve thoroughly.
  3. Pour in a 16oz cup full of ice.
  4. Pour 2 shots of espresso.


  1. On a 200ml Black Tea base, pour three (3) scoops of Hershey’s Powdered Flavor.
  2. Add two (2) scoops of Top Creamer; optional: Add one (1) scoop of Cream Cheese powder.
  3. Dissolve the powder well.
  4. Pour in a cup full of ice.
  5. Add Milk Foam on top.


  1. Dissolve in 60ml of water/milk, two (2) scoops of Frappe Base & 3 scoops of Powdered Flavor in a blender.
  2. Add full cup 16oz crushed ice and blend for approximately 40seconds.
  3. Pour in a cup and serve!


  1. Dissolve the 1kg of Hershey’s powder flavor in 5L of water.
  2. Pour into the slush machine and turn it on.
  3. Serve and enjoy!


  1. Dissolve the 1kg of Hershey’s powder flavor in 5L of water.
  2. Add Top Creamery Frappe Base as needed for a smoother texture. Serve!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to use Hershey’s Powder Flavor?

It can be a tasty flavor for your shakes, frappe, fruit tea, and of course, milk tea drinks!

How is your product different from others in the market?

We pride our milk tea products to be the best in the market today with ingredients sourced from Europe, our Research and Development Team. We ensure that we import high-quality raw ingredients and produce the taste every milk tea store owner and milk tea patron would love.

We also support locals as we source our sugar ingredients from the fresh produce of selected farms in the country. In effect, we reduce the cost of our finished products because we lessen taxes, labor costs, and transportation costs. These are all calculated for our company to attain one of our missions: to help grow your business.

I’m interested in buying your product. Would it be possible to ask for a free sample of this product?

For now, we do not provide a free sample of this product. However, we would love to conduct a demo on preparing this product and get a free taste of it. Also, you may want to arrange for a purchase of this product for your tasting.

Can I order online? If so, how many days will I receive my order?

Yes, you can order/ contact us directly via Facebook or this website.
Regarding the shipping and delivery, it differs: customers within Metro Manila usually receive their order within five (5) business days, provided that they reach the minimum amount of purchase. Please check our Shipping and Delivery Policy for further details.

For further inquiries, please visit our FAQs page here.

If you need assistance from our main office, please do not hesitate to call us at 02-2415040 or email us directly at support@topcreamery.com, and we will make your inquiries our priority.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for feedback or comments about this product—your opinion matters to us.

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42 reviews for Blended Series Hershey’s Powder

  1. Ash M.   (verified buyer) (verified buyer)

    Superb talaga itong flavor na to. Favorite ng lahat, bata man or matanda. Madali i-adjust ang sweetness level.

  2. Daniel De Jesus   (verified buyer)

    All-time favorite!

  3. Sherwin R.   (verified buyer)

    Ang tagal dumating ng order ko, hindi tulad ng dati 5-7days lang

  4. Letty Feliciano   (verified buyer)

    I been enjoying this since the first taste. Really Hershey, best in many ways 💗

  5. Shane Arboleda   (verified buyer)

    Hot or cold masarap to….

  6. Ton Fuentes   (verified buyer)

    Ito yung masarap itimpla sa mainit na tubig,ginagawa ko kasi siyang coffee masarap kasi🥰

  7. Jimmy Sanchez   (verified buyer)

    Perfect to para sa mga choco lovers <3

  8. Roby Solomon   (verified buyer)

    For chocolate lover ito perfect sya higly recommended tong product na to i love it

  9. Barry T.   (verified buyer)

    Taste of chocolate is very good. Super yummy!

  10. Louisa H.   (verified buyer)

    Good Quality and Yummy

  11. Joem Villaluna   (verified buyer)

    I have ordered many times from this shop and they are very accommodating.

  12. Enzo Latonero   (verified buyer)

    Ito yung masarap pwede mo siya gamitin sa hot drinks. Hershey’s na Hershey’s yung lasa.

  13. Rafael J.   (verified buyer)

    A real Chocolate taste.

  14. Roger C.   (verified buyer)

    Sobrang Sarapsya sa Milktea at sa Champorado , Taste Good. Top Creamery is the best.

  15. Leonardo Javier   (verified buyer)

    Nagustuhan to ng aking anak , hinalo ko sya sa may ginawa kong champorado , napakasarap ng lasa sobrang sarap.

  16. Jeremiah C.   (verified buyer)

    I recommend this sobrang masarap lasang Hershey’s talaga. Minsan ginagawa ko siyang hot choco sa umaga..

  17. Bryant Bernal   (verified buyer)

    Highly recommended for choco lovers!

  18. Heart D.   (verified buyer)

    Ito ung favorito ko hershey at sa lahat ng familya ko d sya nakakasawa

  19. ZylTea and supplies   (verified buyer)

    This flavor is one of our Best seller both powder and drinks that we offer…
    Love it too not only out customer…😋😋😋

  20. Brixter Batalla   (verified buyer)

    kahit sino kilala na ang hershey na masarap kaya wala na ako masabi

  21. Karl Micheal Reyes   (verified buyer)

    This Hershey is really great and everyone loves it.

  22. Glenda Ilagan Alarca   (verified buyer)

    Thumbs up!

  23. Ma. Carmina Diaz   (verified buyer)

    legit hersheys!!! super favorite ng customers ko

  24. Christine B.   (verified buyer)

    Masarap! Good for personal consumption din

  25. Hazel E.   (verified buyer)

    5 stars for me!!

  26. Ava Khingz   (verified buyer)

    Marami siyang purpose..
    Pwedeng pang Milktea
    Pwedeng pang Blend
    Ang totoo ginawa ko din siyang pang CHAMPORADO sobrang sarap po talaga.

  27. Michael William Dagang   (verified buyer)

    Favorite ng anak ko to , Napakasarap nito 🥰🥰
    Quality and the best Powder Hershey.

  28. Ella D   (verified buyer)


  29. Zayne L.   (verified buyer)

    Quality👍👍👍 favorite ng mga kids…

  30. Zayne L.   (verified buyer)

    Quality✔✔✔ favorite ng mga bata…

  31. Alea Papio   (verified buyer)

    pang bahay lang namin ito kasi very like ng mga kids ang hersheys, nag-search ako na may mabibili pa lang ganito

  32. Paulo R.   (verified buyer) (verified buyer)

    Favorite ng all ages.

  33. Karen Landingin   (verified buyer)

    We use this as our chocolate profile. very tasty!

  34. Janice S   (verified buyer)

    The taste is good.

  35. Donna De Leon   (verified buyer)

    This is one of my favorite flavor that i taste,very authentic and patok na patok sya sa aking negosyo,love it so that i gave you 5star👍💕💕

  36. Janice G.   (verified buyer)

    Thumbs up!! Good for hot & cold….

  37. Nestor Coronel   (verified buyer)

    My favorite ☺️
    Good quality☺️
    Good product ☺️

  38. George R.   (verified buyer)

    Hershey legit taste, Love it

  39. Ishan olea   (verified buyer)

    Gosh,their products are delicious.cant even find words to describe it! Will always love it
    I will definitely purchase from you again 😊

  40. Nathan de la Cruz   (verified buyer)

    One of my best seller in my milktea shop… The best po tlaga sya lasang lasang po tlaga yong pagka hersheys nya

  41. Jeffcy   (verified buyer)

    Authentic taste of Hershey’s. All time favorite! 🙂

  42. Chef C Uy   (verified buyer)

    Legit at totoong Hersheys. Best dark chocolate powder available in the market. We tested other brands. This one is the best. Really.

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